Hey, Friday! It’s been awhile…

Friday posts are back! A bit late in the day, but what with the concert (one of the best I’ve ever seen) and getting home late last night, it’s been a looooong, slow, luxuriously lazy morning. Which I suppose isn’t all that different from every other day I’ve had in the last two weeks. Can I just say that being unemployed is a beautiful, beautiful thing? Until I run out of money, that is. But right now I’m really enjoying my time as a woman of leisure. So happy Friday! And don’t forget to make an extra special wish tonight at 11:11, since today’s numerical date won’t happen again for another 100 years! And to commemorate the occasion…

Quite possibly the most surreal and gorgeous thing I have ever seen. A murder of crows, a murmuration of starlings.

On a related note: What Birds Do When We Aren’t Looking. I’m newly obsessed with Marc Johns’ illustrations.


Colored pencils +  stop motion! How could you go wrong?

Beautiful and intricate wedding invitations (The Boy likes these better).

Lovely and understated furniture. How could you say no to those buckles?

Bathroom obsession.

If anything could make me miss New York, this might be it.

Delicious paper craft.

Theatre Bizarre. Gosh, the name alone gives me the best kind of shivers. Freaky, haunting, beautiful, kooky, spectacular spectacle.

I know now what it really means to yearn. Because I yearn for these painted antlers, I really truly do.

Forget ever travel fantasy I’ve ever had. This trumps all.

Gorgeous pictures of markets round the world.

Happy, lucky Friday to one and all!

Photo via Love With the Proper Stranger.

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