Weekend Adventures: Metaphorical Tricycles, Futhur, and Duck Fat in Portland, Maine

I know. I know. I said last week that I’d be back to regular posting, and then that turned out to be a blatant lie. You see, The Boy and I took a trip up to Maine where we had no internet and so much fun that I couldn’t worry about the blog. But I took photos! Well, a few.

The purpose of the trip was twofold. First and foremost, we were visiting my best friend, Lorenza, the perpetual third wheel in my relationship with The Boy. Lorenza has such an effortless eye for knick knacks, curiosities, and small wonderments. Here are a few shots that The Boy took of her new apartment.

That was our guest bed! Please pardon the giant mess of my clothing. Lorenza made us a little headboard out of a spare piece of wood she had lying around, she’s such a crafty lady. She told me she likes that chair because it’s “so Morticia Addams.” And really, who couldn’t use more gothic glamour in their life? And these are some of the photos that I took. I wish I could explain what’s going on in this first photo, but I’ve been forbidden from doing so for various reasons. Nevertheless, it looks so eery and beautiful that I couldn’t resist sharing.

How stunning is that dresser? I think I have more pictures of it than anything else I saw in Portland. But I mean, come on, that is an incredible piece of furniture. Plus I think the little still life on top more or less encapsulates Lorenza’s style. I gave her that hawk feather for her birthday this year! Have you ever tried to UPS a feather? It’s a unique experience.

To call my best friend a “perpetual third wheel” may seem a little mean, but I say it with so much love. I’ve joked to The Boy that we function best as a tricycle, but it’s really true. Lorenza doesn’t spend every waking second of every day with either of us, so she’s much more inclined to be nice, to be patient, to listen. It sets a good example for The Boy and I to follow, and I think we treat each other a little better when she’s around. With us, three is not a crowd but a cozy family.

The second reason for our trip was this concert, where The Boy took some awesome photos.

 The Boy and I try to make it to at least one Furthur show every time they tour, and this time around we’re lucky enough to be going to two. The Portland show was the first, and next week we’ll be seeing them at Madison Square Garden. I just love those photos of Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, still rocking hard after all these years.

Every time I go to a show I’m struck so powerfully by the size and intimacy of this community that spans so many generations. There are so many people who have been just absolutely taken by this music, who have brought it into their lives and it made it part of their identities in such an integral, meaningful way. It’s impossible to explain without witnessing it firsthand, and I’ll stop now because most non-fans are frankly uninterested in Dead culture. But even if you’re ambivalent towards the music, I think we can all appreciate artists that continue to work, play, and affect people some 40+ years after the rest of the world has written them off. That’s a pretty cool thing.

And of course, no trip to Portland would be complete without a meal at Duckfat. If ever you find yourself in Maine, make it to Duckfat. The wait for a table is likely to be long, the atmosphere is crowded, but it’s so worth it. This is already a very long post, and I could talk about the many, many virtues of frying potatoes in duck fat and then dipping them in duck fat gravy for several pages, but I’ll keep it brief. The pictures mostly speak for themselves. I had the “Shepherd’s Pie” panini (ground duck meat, mashed potatoes, carrots, chives, duck gravy) and the three of us shared a large order of fries with a trio of dipping sauces: truffle ketchup, thai chili mayo, and duck fat gravy. Seriously, is there anything in the world that tastes better than duck? I challenge someone to answer that question.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures: Metaphorical Tricycles, Futhur, and Duck Fat in Portland, Maine

  1. kitten, you are such a beautiful writer. i love you so much. i anticipate the next time we may all be a cozy tricycle once again.

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