Axe Cop: Surrealist Noir Graphic Crime Fiction, as Written by a 5 Year Old

I guess I’m about a year behind on the news, but Axe Cop is awesome. The above image is Episode Five from the incredible web comic, written and illustrated by two brothers: Malachai and Ethan Nicolle, ages 5 and 29, respectively. Here’s the story in Ethan’s own words:

The AXE COP saga began on a Christmas visit to see my family. My Father, a man with very healthy loins, has managed to produce a variety of children, ranging from me, a 29 year old comic book artist, to my 5 year old brother Malachai, a 5 year old boy genius, with four other siblings in between. During the visit Malchai was running around with his toy fireman axe and he said he was playing “Axe Cop.” He asked me to play with him, and I asked what my weapon was… so he brought me a toy flute (actually a recorder). I told him I would rather be Axe Cop then Flute Cop, and he seemed just fine with being Flute Cop. The story that followed became more and more brilliant, until I couldn’t contain myself and I had to draw the whole thing into a one page comic. From there the saga continued, and over the course of my week-long visit we cranked out the first four episodes of AXE COP. 

You can watch a video of their creative process here. Image courtesy of Ethan and Malachai Nicolle. Thanks to my very own DAD for the share!

PS: In other news, I’m all moved in to my new abode in Providence. Pictures forthcoming once I get a little more settled in, and hopefully we’re back to regular posting!


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