The Best Birthday Ever

Please forgive my absence these past two days, Wednesday was my birthday! The Boy came home to surprise me and, honestly, I just haven’t felt like posting. But I’m back!

I might be ambivalent about getting older, but I love my birthday. It’s a day that’s all about me! I’m actually a little territorial about my birthday, I get a kind of mad when I see other people celebrating on October 19th.

It was a quiet birthday. I ate short ribs and French macarons with my parents and opened some marvelous presents, like the purple ice cream maker from my ma! I’m feeling pretty wishy washy about celebrating this weekend. I just can’t seem to settle on what I want to do. The options mostly involve going out to a bar and drinking, which frankly bores me a little. Where are the tea parties and princess fêtes of yesteryear?

That gives me an idea! I once a read a bloggers “Fantasy Birthday” post, how they would celebrate without the cumbersome burden of things like money, space, or time… in short, without reality. I can’t remember where I saw it, but I’m going to be a copycat today! So off we go…

Oh, hello! Good morning! Happy Birthday to me, I’m so glad  you could make it! Would you like a drink? How about an Americana?

Whiskey and champagne is such a delightful combination, no? Hmm, probably not a great idea to drink on an empty stomach… help yourself to some cheese and breakfast!

Oh, but first let me introduce you to some of the other guests…

Now that we’re all here, did you guys hear about the freak raspberry crop? Apparently a whole new bunch of raspberries have appeared, even though it’s the middle of October. Bizarre, huh? Farmers are totally baffled. Anyway, since raspberries just happen to be my favorite food, let’s go a-pickin’, shall we?

What is it about raspberries that is just so perfect? Tart, tender little pods of juicy wonder bursting on your tongue. Sometimes I try to eat raspberries bead by bead, but I’m never all that successful. It’s such a lovely sunny day,  so perfect for a lazy day of lying around, drinking beer and some leisurely berry picking.

You know, I could use some shade though… Those trees over yonder look so peaceful. Hang on a minute, are those….? Those are Redwood trees! Come along every body, let’s go for a stroll in the forest!

I’ve never walked amongst Redwoods before, so this is very exciting. Does anyone else hear water? Oh, gee! A little swimming hole. Bathing suits or no, everybody grab another beer and jump in!

Hmm… you know what this reminds me of?

Jerry, would you oblige us with a tune? Since it’s my birthday?

Gosh I’m starving. Picnic? Wine? Yes please!

You know, the sun is starting to set. That reminds, The Boy said he’d coordinated some kind of special surprise. We’re supposed to meet him pretty soon, so I suppose we should head out. Ooooh, look! Horses!

Obviously they would be the fastest way to get to The Boy. We ride!

Well, here we are at the gorgeous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Oh, honey! A special birthday concert just for me! You’re the best, always. And they’re playing my favorite song!

Well, Jerry, I don’t mean to impose but, since you’re here and alllll… perhaps a reunion is in order?

Well guys, it’s been a hell of a birthday. And the only way I can think of to cap it all off?

An Icelandic camp out sleepover to watch the Northern Lights while roasting ‘shmellows!

So glad everyone could make it to my party, easily the best birthday I’ve had in years. All photos are linked to their source material.

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