Opal of My Eye

My birthday is next week! I’m an October baby so naturally my favorite gemstone is the opal. According to my grandmother, another Octoberite, it’s bad luck for anyone to wear opals if they’re not born in October. I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t really like to share certain things. When I buy clothes or jewelry I like to think they’re mine and no one else in the world owns them, so my grandma’s superstition obviously appeals to me. That’s too bad for all you non-October girls and boys because, seriously, what’s prettier than an opal?

Photo courtesy of Palagems

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Photo courtesy of Palagems

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Photo courtesy of Too Much Margarine Flickr Pool

So gorgeous, right? The Boy and I toyed with the idea of designing our own engagement ring, because we really wanted to do a diamond center stone with opal accents. Turns out opals aren’t very hard, and I tend to flail my limbs and run into things a lot, so we ultimately decided it wasn’t a very practical idea. However, in the course of our research I talked to some opal wholesalers in Mystic, CT. It was so much fun playing with their stones (giggle), some of them as tiny as seeds. I learned that the rarest, most coveted opals are black opals with red fire, whereas the lighter colored stones with blue and green hues are much more common. But they’re all pretty! I just love all the opal vernacular too, it’s so whimsical with all the harlequins, church windows, needle fire, lightning and peacocks!

I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect piece of opal jewelry lately, but I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I’m thinking something either really delicate or a really simple necklace with a drop dead stone. Here are somethings from around the web, not exactly what I want (or in my price range!) but beautiful nevertheless.
Happy October, and happy early birthday to me!


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