This Week Is Finally Over.

Photo via Love With the Proper Stranger

Guys, I’m so burnt out. This has just been a completely nutso week at work. Anyone who has ever had to ship more than their body weight in books to a foreign country before a deadline knows what I’m talking about. The rest of you are lucky to be in the dark. Add to that the fact that I’ve been battling this mysterious strep-like illness, which my doctor insists is not strep but I’m thinking, if it looks like a duck… Anyhoo, point is it’s been a rough week. But things are looking up! The Boy is home, he’s meeting some of my extended family members tonight (bound to be excruciating for him and hilarious for me), I’m cooking this tomorrow, and I have a whole pint of Jeni’s goat cheese and red cherry ice cream in my fridge (that’s a good thing, just trust me on this one). How dreamy is the photo above? With The Boy home, that’s exactly what I feel like doing. Hopefully next week will be a little quieter around the office, and I’ll be able to actually get a post or two out there!

My obsession with all of EVOL’s work continues.

I’m planning two different weddings in my head: my rustic farmhouse vintage glam wedding, and something more like this. (Actually, I’m fantasy-planning three weddings: rustic glam, woodland camp out, and my Deadhead wedding).

Taking family Chrismas photos at my house is never fun. For as long as I can remember, my mother has ended up in tears with the four kids sent to their rooms. If only our photos were more like these, I think everything would go a lot smoother.

Oh, Kate Spade. Why do you torture me like this?

More miniatures!

I love this Wall of Achievements.

Hoping to break out my ice cream maker this weekend.

Loving these ethereal net sculptures.

Would you ever live in a modular home? This one looks so chic!

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, I think I’d best get off the computer and give someone some love! Enjoy your weekend!

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