Photo Blitz: Amsterdam

It’s kind of shameful how long it’s taken me to post photos of the trip The Boy and I took in June. It’s been a crazy week at work (it’s only Tuesday!), and I don’t know how involved my posts are going to be over the next few days. So here’s a (mostly wordless) peek at our vacation. Hopefully I’ll get some Paris photos up soon, as well!

One of my favorite things about Amsterdam was the quirky stores. I didn’t go in this one, but what a gorgeous window display!And an awesome book store with beautiful, one of a kind books (the only souvenir I brought home) and this neat little sign:

(that’s a purse made out of wood. yeah.)

Amsterdam’s cool, moist climate is apparently really good for all kinds of growing things, not just tulips. I saw the most beautiful looking produce! I can’t tell you how much crap my mom gave me when I came home with all these pictures of fruit but… what can I say? I’m always going to be the kind of girl that takes pictures of veggies. And I mean, come on… that’s some really beautiful garlic.

Look who I found while we were out to dinner! I was really proud because Mr. I’m-so-observant didn’t notice this little guy even after I pointed him out.

And this is my absolute favorite picture, how peaceful would it be to sit on the roof of your houseboat at twilight with a glass of wine?

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