Finally Friday!

Photo from Love With the Proper Stranger

Sexy picture of Janis, right? If anyone has any info on the photo cred, I’d love to know! I (kind of) recently watched the fantastic documentary Festival Express. The footage of Janis’ performances is so powerful. I’m an actor, and I remember thinking to myself as I watched her sing, “That’s how I want to be on stage.” There’s something so brutal, and strange, and vulnerable about her. It rips your heart out.

Anyway, this will be the first weekend I spend without The Boy in… gosh, I can’t even remember. At least six months, likely more. So I’m trying to keep myself really busy. I’ll be taking a lot of photos, visiting two friends that are usually far away, and hopefully recovering from this awful cold I’ve had and drinking a bottle (or two) of wine along the way. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and check out these fun things from around the web:

This bed will be on my porch one day.

And this chair? Although I like the tree swing idea.

These money trees are so creepy and beautiful.

I wish all subway cars looked like this, every day.

Apocalypse + dioramas = total win, in my book.

Lovely towels!

This wedding has both a camel and a zebra in attendance. I mean, really how do you top that?

The Boy and I have been keeping a list of all the places we’d like to travel together. To name a few: Africa, Iceland, Newfoundland, Australia/New Zealand and now…. here. I just can’t see how you could ever be sad if you lived there.

These wire sculptures are filled with so much sweetness.

Who knew water fountains could be so cool?

This is genius. Who likes peeling garlic? No one. But especially not The Boy, he always insists I do that part (it’s ok, I make him take care of all onions).

“Here’s the swim cap fashion show set in a Punch-and-Judy theater that you’ve been waiting for.” – Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing

That seems like enough to get you all through the weekend, see everyone on Monday!


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