Oh, Friday! You came late again this week, you should work on that…

Photo Courtesy of Nikolai Ugolnikov

So I’m late with the Friday post again this week. Oh well, it was a crazy day at work and I couldn’t slip a post in. BUT I’M HERE NOW!

Two years ago yesterday I got on a plane with 28 strangers and flew to Moscow, where I would live for the next three months. I had more or less no idea what I was getting myself into at the time, but it became one of the most defining experiences of my life thus far. The anniversary has made me pensive, I’ve been thinking about all the ways that I barely recognize the girl I used to be. So that’s what’s up with the picture of the Kremlin.

It’s been a wild week, and honestly I’m kind of glad for the rain because it will give me a chance to hole up and be cozy this weekend (I made this last night, pictures next week). Oh, and The Boy and I are going to see LOTUS tonight, which I’m incredibly excited about. I promise to have a post on my Stone Barns dinner on Monday, but until then…

I’m thinking more of a farmhouse aesthetic for the purple house, but now I’m wondering how I could incorporate one of these.

There is something so heartwarming about this photo series and its sequel!

The wedding addiction continues… how amazing are the winged flower girls? The Boy and I are planning to wait a few years, but I’m dying to start planning.

I consider myself both a pagan and something of a geek, so this post really speaks to me. Happy Mabon!

Celebrities in corners… who would have thunk? And yet, so beautiful and creepy. I think the Ballet Society is my favorite.

Geek chic nails.

Maggie showed me this earlier in the week, and now it’s taking every ounce of my willpower not to go out and buy a dollhouse. I’m desperately searching through my basement for photos of my childhood dollhouse, because if you thought my playhouse was insane, just you wait.

Some fabulous digs.

Wild bodypaint!

Krisatomic always has the loveliest travelogues. These photos make me so nostalgic for cool Parisian nights in June, walking hand in hand with The Boy.

That’s all I’ve got for you this weekend, kids, but drop in Monday to hear all about my Stone Barns dinner (I promise this time!). Also, you might notice I added a new sidebar to follow of the books I’m reading. I go through so many books, I’ve always wanted a convenient way to keep track of them all. See you all in a few days!

PS: Loving google’s clever logo today!

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