Rock Me Away…

How lovely is that? No, not the boy (although he’s pretty handsome, as well), the chair! The guy in the picture is The Boy’s roommate, Paul. And he made that rocking chair.

Paul, a North Carolina native, studies Industrial Design at Super Talented People School with The Boy. Upon his return home for the summer Paul contacted Bill Lindau, a local furniture designer. Check out some of Bill’s beautiful work:

Photo Courtesy of Bill Lindau

Photo courtesy of Bill Lindau

Gorgeous, right? The wait-list for one his pieces is supposedly years long, but according to Mr. Lindau’s website he bumps expecting mothers up to the top. I think that’s so sweet. So apparently Mr. Lindau told Paul that he didn’t need any help at the moment, but that he’d be starting work on a new chair in a few weeks. If Paul could supply his own wood, he was welcome to share Lindau’s workspace and learn to make his own chair. Paul chose American Black Walnut with Curly Maple backrests:

Photo courtesy of Paul Savovici

Photo courtesy of Paul Savovici

Photo courtesy of Paul Savovici

Photo courtesy of Paul Savovici

So every morning for several weeks, Paul would buy a cup of coffee and a muffin (flavor of his choosing) to bring to Bill. They’d sit out by the water on Bill’s property, talking or not talking, and drinking their coffee. Eventually, Bill would turn to Paul and say, “So, you ready to get to work?” And off they went. What a nice way to spend your summer vacation, and what a priceless gift to be able to take away from it.

Photo courtesy of Paul Savovici

For more information in Bill Lindau, please visit his website. For any further details regarding Paul and his work, please feel free to contact me:

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