The Whale Warehouse

The Whale Warehouse from KPCC on Vimeo.
THIS IS SPECTACULAR. It has so many of my favorite things:

1) Specimens in jars.

2) Card catalogs.

3) Whales, my favorite animals.

And hey, if you also love my very favorite kind of whale, the orca, and you want to simultaneously completely ruin your day and be fascinated by the intelligence and complex social structures of a marine mammal, then you should watch the horrifying and totally fantastic documentary Blackfish. Warning: I had crazy nightmares for days after watching this movie.

THE WHALE WAREHOUSE was produced by AudioVision, a publicly funded project associated with radio KPCC.

2 thoughts on “The Whale Warehouse

  1. Funny…you feel about whales the way I do about elephants… they are remarkable creatures as well with a high intelligence and a complex social structure. I was fascinated by this book and dreamt about it for days, too!

    and, funnily enough, there’s a black & white photo that Mags took eons ago that hangs on the wall behind my computer, I gaze on it every day, with you walking away in a field behind another friend, it is tacked up just above a black and white of an elephant eerily looking at the camera reminding me of the universe…

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