Just Another Friday

I haven’t done one of these guys in awhile, but today felt like a good day to get back on the horse. The Boy and I are going shopping at a new architectural salvage shop, and then perhaps out for some bites to eat, using this handy local guide. My very dear friend Lorenza is coming to stay with us soon, so I’ve been trying to scout around the city in search of the best places to take her. Married life is pretty grand so far; I know this goony honeymoon stage won’t last forever, but I sure am enjoying it. Without wedding planning taking up all that space in my brain, I’ve had time to get back to writing every day, either here or on my own private projects, and that’s pretty excellent.

My one of my favorite authors on my favorite band, and of course he sums it up perfectly.

Curious ABCs!

Pin up remix.

Story quilts!

Sleeping with another person, AKA: night acrobatics. I relate to that top photo so much.

I actually spat something at my computer looking at these.

Dancers Among Us.

Nifty treehouse elevator.

And another fabulous tree home.

How well do you score? I did pretty well, but The Boy kicked my ass.

JGL makes me question the institution of marriage.

A compilation of teeny houses like mine!

I’m loving the idea of a whole wall of these busts. They have elephants and horses, too!

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    • Oh wow, I didn’t even notice that. Geez! Well, if you learn how to sew you have a surrogate daughter who would sure love a quilt. Glad you liked the card; hope you’re enjoying the changing weather.

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