Sadie, Sadie

photoWell it’s all over now, and what can I say except it was the most delicious and magical night of my life. It’s hard to say what the best part was, maybe when The Boy tried to kiss me before the ceremony was even over, or when my officiant nearly burst into tears, or when it rained for exactly thirty seconds after a whole week of dire weather forecasts, or when everyone decided to light off their sparklers underneath the tent, so that I spent my entire first dance wondering if we were going to light the thing on fire. I think it was right after the ceremony, when The Boy and I had a few minutes alone to take a walk down the block. We paused in front of his neighbor’s driveway, the same driveway that The Boy drew in this picture so many years ago, and I thought about how much and how little had changed, how we were all grown up and yet still just two kids running around in the yard, making trouble. And then his neighbor drove up and chatted with us for awhile, and I was amazed to see that the whole world was trucking along as though nothing had changed. But I knew the truth, and so did he.

Beautiful photo by Maggie Jo Shapiro

2 thoughts on “Sadie, Sadie

  1. I just love how this picture captures a feeling of happiness, love and beer. Two halves of a whole, stronger together than alone. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us K and X… it was such a lovely evening, on so many levels, one I won’t soon forget. With love, happy trails, always. Sue and Mickey

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