Tugboat Printshop

The Boy and I have finally, finally unpacked all of our boxes. We bought a delightful yellow couch, and upcycled an old cabinet with some blue enamel paint, so now it’s time to hang some pictures on the walls! I’ve got my eye on some of these amazing prints from Tugboat Printshop. I’m absolutely smitten with the gorgeous moon print above, but alas I think that 500+ price tag will keep that dream from becoming a reality. But I’m also loving some of their other, more modest pieces.

Wonderful, no? I pretty much want to live inside that RV picture, but I just can’t decide whether I like that one or the wolf better. They’re just so breathtakingly intricate. I wasn’t that impressed by the last print of the woods until I started looking at the detail shots, not to mention the amazing “making-of” images that detail the wood cut process. Very, very cool.

You can see more prints at Tugboat’s website, where all of these amazing pieces are available for purchase.

All images courtesy of Tugboat Printshop.

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