Pigs and Paper Goods

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Our wedding invitations mailed just a few days ago! Aren’t they fantastic? The Boy and I came up with the artwork ourselves and then sent it off to Sparkvites to make a giant stamp. I got the idea from one of my favorite local restaurants, Plan Check, where they stamp their menu onto butcher paper. It gives the menu a really nice vintage-y feel that’s hard to replicate with print. Honestly these pictures don’t even do them justice, they’re just so darned gorgeous. My mom was skeptical about the stamp at first, but the invites came out so beautifully that I think it was worth the extra effort. The Sparkvites folks were absolutely lovely, I would 100% recommend them to anyone, and when our stamp came with a minor error they handled the situation very efficiently. They also do more traditional print and letterpress invitations, if that’s your thing.

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I feel like I need to say that I’m not one of those crazy people with a pig obsession. I mean, yes, I love pigs, but I don’t have some insane collection of pig figurines taking up my entire house. The pig thing kind of came up organically when we were working with our beloved graphic designer on the save the dates. At one point she asked if there was like one specific idea, value, or theme that I wanted people to take away from the wedding. I think my answer was, “The theme is: everyone eats a lot of meat.” And thus the pig was born. The Boy and I  both loved the new trend of “branding” your wedding with a logo, and then I came up with the fork and knife deal as a riff on a traditional design. I think it was one of my more brilliant ideas. We had a smaller stamp made with just the pig design, which I’m going to stamp on just about everything. Bonus: after the wedding, I think I’m going to keep using it for my letterhead.

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