More Notes on Wedding Planning, OR Deadhead Problems

With the wedding less than eight weeks away most of the larger components are in place, and now I’m primarily focused on the smaller details. This past week has been all about picking music, and my amazing DJ is going to think I’m insane when he sees the Google doc I’ve compiled for him, with my lists of “danceable Dead tunes” and “non-danceable Dead tunes that are still good to play during dinner”. Next to every song I’ve included the date for the live show from which I’d like him to pull the recording. This is what happens when you DJ a deadhead wedding, I guess. Anyway, this is a really lovely Catfish John (one of my favorites), which is much too long to play, so I thought I’d share it with y’all. And, if you’re in that kind of mood, you can check out Jerry thoroughly enjoying himself in this guitar solo:

2 thoughts on “More Notes on Wedding Planning, OR Deadhead Problems

  1. whaaaat??!? you guys like the Dead. ohhhh, this is going to be good…. I’ve loved you for a long time, but now I love you even more. Can’t wait to see you both.

    • There’s no way you didn’t know that! Unless you’re being sarcastic. Very hard to tell on the web. I’ll be home in just a few weeks, I’m so sad that I’m going to miss your show with Maggie, though!

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