Ladle Love (+ News!)

Would you guys judge me if I spent 30$ on a ladle? Look at it. It’s a nice ladle. But then, of course, the madness wouldn’t stop there; I’d need the matching colander and slotted spoon, too. I guess I can assume that if you read this blog then you already had a pretty good sense that my priorities are not always in order re: useless objects.

Anyway, this ladle obsession is not completely random. As of last night, The Boy and I have a new apartment! It’s a teeny tiny cottage with dark hardwood floors, and the cutest little retro stove, and THREE yards (front, back, side), plus a covered patio, and room to plant in the quietest, most charming neighborhood in Los Angeles, right up the road from the most amazing store in the world (the first time I went there I nearly asked the counter people if I could move in). Basically, it’s my dream. Well, my for-now dream, anyway. So thus far I’ve spent the entire day reading about how to grow tomatoes and sunflowers and making lists of things we need to buy. The cottage is very small, less than 500 square feet, and it doesn’t have a lot of storage space, so The Boy and I are doing some serious thinking about simplicity and paring down on the number of things we own. But obviously there are necessities we’ll need to buy, and I feel like in such a teensy house all of our objects will have to be beautiful and well-crafted. But then while I was searching for nice-looking housewares, I found this ladle. And fell in love. And realized that when it comes to simplicity… I’ve got a long ways to go.

JOINERY soup ladle/28$

UPDATE: This has rapidly degenerated into a full-blown sickness. Also, I found the cheese grater of my dreams.

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