Friday Time!

Well hey there! Haven’t done one of these in awhile… The weekend is upon us, once again, and I’ve got some links to share with you fine folks. This weekend I’ll be shooting a short film and looking at LOTS of apartments. The Boy is just about done with school, and we’ll be moving into our new place in a few weeks. I’m very excited, because it’ll be our very first grown up home for just the two of us. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved all our roommates, but a quiet little home with a garden just for him and me is all I really want right now. A place where he can wake me up with fresh coffee, and I can make him breakfast, and we can stay in every single night like the senior citizen couple we secretly are. We’ve seen a few really promising places so far, and I have high hopes that this weekend we’ll seal the deal. Wish me luck! Until Monday…

Ok so this is the most amazing thing ever. I watched it three times. And if you haven’t seen the profile in the New Yorker, you need to check it out.

I just want JGL to sing to me always.

Whoa, South African wedding.

Speaking of weddings, The Boy and I are finally getting started with real planning! This venue is a real contender, and I just love this bride’s sweet write-up.

Is this one of those things that everyone else knew about already?

Love the new Tattly tool set.

Japanese manhole covers: who knew!?

This exhibit sounds fantastic.

And this one is coming to my hood soon!

Those black tongues!

Well this is just about the most heart-warming thing I’ve seen in awhile. Yes, better than the marmots.

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