A Very Purple New Year!

Welcome to 2013, dears! It feels like a good year already. The Boy and I spent a quiet new year at home together, listening to a live stream of this year’s Furthur show (we couldn’t get tickets) and eating an obscene amount of food. I made three kinds of fritters, people. And then short ribs and risotto. The Boy had to roll me to bed.

Everybody’s talking about new years resolutions, so I guess I’ll chime in with my own. I find resolutions like “go to the gym” or “learn French” kind of silly and unrealistic. I was having trouble thinking of one until yesterday, while I was cooking. I turned the hot water tap on to wash meat off my hands, and then got distracted by something. When I turned back to the sink, The Boy had turned the cold water on so that I wouldn’t burn my hands. I was such a little thing to do, but it made me think.

This year, my resolution is to be the best partner I can be for The Boy. This is the last year in which we will not be married, and we’re both trying to figure out how to build a real life together, how to support each other, how to navigate the shared responsibility of family, and how to not kill each other every once in awhile. Obviously we’re doing pretty ok at this point since we’ve made it this far, but there’s plenty of work to do.

And hey, if I break my resolution this year, we have the rest of forever to figure it out. But then, I guess that’s true of all resolutions.

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