The Purplest House Gift Guide! For the Big Sis

Today’s gift guide is all about your older sister. All my life, my big sister was classy, pulled together, poised, and I was… not. She had neater handwriting and straighter hair. She was more photogenic, and (unlike me) she never chipped her manicure before she even left the nail salon. When I was a kid, we were bitter rivals. Today, we live in the same city and we’re good friends. I love her because she has impeccable taste and she always thinks of the wittiest comebacks.  But sometimes, just because she’s my big sister, I still want to kick her in the shins.

1) Gold Bar Necklace: Because she loves shiny, sparkly things.

2) Gold-trimmed Champagne Coupes: Because champagne is the only drink she actually likes, and you can’t make a champagne pyramid with flutes.

3) Chic Stationary: So little miss manners can send her thank you notes in style. Or, you could go with this alternative

4) Oversized Narwhal Pillow: Because no matter how pulled together she looks, she’s still a big goof sometimes.

5) A Cute Print: Because everyone needs a lovely home.

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3 thoughts on “The Purplest House Gift Guide! For the Big Sis

    • I KNOW. It makes you ask yourself really deep questions like, “What was I doing with my life before I had letterpress Clueless cards??”

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