Screw Sandy

Last night, it seemed like the internet had exploded over Hurricane Sandy. Everyone on the east coast was freaking out, getting drunk, and making a lot of Grease jokes. Kind of made me miss the crazy weather that is sometimes a part of life on that side of the world. But it also got me thinking about a rather controversial opinion that I’ve held for some time. Over the years, people have ridiculed and ostracized me for this opinion, but I have stuck by it no matter what. Ready? I’m going to lay it on you.

Grease 2 is so much better than the original Grease.

I know, I know. You think I’m crazy. But, I mean, come on…

Now do you see what I’m talking about?? Now let’s do a quick plot comparison. In the original Grease: Annoying Australian twit comes to town, falls in love with an equally annoying jerk, but they can’t be together because she is a goody-two-shoes twit and he is a jerkfaced goon. That’s pretty much all that happens for most of the movie, except for some dancing around in underwear, some terrifyingly short shorts on John Travolta, and they remodel a car. And then at the very end, the annoying twit puts on some super slutty clothes and everything is suddenly OK. What the F?

Ok, now Grease 2. Super hot, smart British guy moves to town and falls in love with super hot, cool chick who just broke up with her obnoxious (and really short) boyfriend because he’s too possessive and she’s all like “I want to be independent”. But she won’t date the hot British guy because he’s socially awkward so he learns how to ride a motorcycle, because that is the cure for social ineptitude. So now he is a super hot, smart British guy who rides a motorcycle. Um, Danny Zuko who? So then lots of awesome things happen like bowling, high school students torturing a substitute teacher about reproduction, and the most amazing talent show that has ever happened anywhere. I mean, Girl for all Seasons, people?? Come on. Oh yeah, and this:

Case closed.

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