Three Things: To Live

So here it is: the finale of “Three Things”. Now, now: don’t get sentimental. For the last installment I thought I’d get back to my roots. This blog is all about that fabled, mythical, purplest house I will one day own. So today, my Three Things are all about the cozy home I’ll own one day.


1) Of utmost importance: my epic library. Floor to ceiling books, complete with rolling ladders so that I can act out all of my Beauty and the Beast fantasies in the privacy of my own home. Lady in the photo is Nigella Lawson, by the by. Oh, and trick bookcase door is a must.

2) Every room will be playful, a joy to inhabit. Even the bathroom.

3) My house will be a house of the unusual, the unexpected, the strange and the wonderful. Trapdoors, and slides, and swings, taxidermied unicorn heads over the mantle, and greenhouse bathtubs. It will be a mix of quiet corners and eye-watering pops of color. It will be lived-in, loved-in. Friends and family will come to visit and they will say, “that’s a house that only Kylie could own.”

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