Three Things: To Go

Alright people, three more things! Today: To Go. I’ve had the travel itch real bad for a while now. Not sure if Pinterest makes that better or worse, all those lush photos of beautiful, strange places I’d like to know. So, with that in mind…


1) Rainforest Canyon, Oneonta Gorge, Oregon. The Boy and I are making plans for our next trip, and we’re hoping to do a Pacific coast road trip next fall. Drive down twisting, winding roads atop terrifying bluffs overlooking that blue, blue vastness. Camp along the way to appreciate all that lovely, verdant wilderness. Oh, and eat at this restaurant. Look at all that fresh ricotta!

2) Val D’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy. Wine, wine, wine all day. Drink wine and play with goats on a small Italian farm… bliss.

3) Alaska. Tundra. Aurora Borealis. I recently wrote a short book on life in the Arctic and you might say I’m fascinated by the alien landscape, and the absolute wildness of that world.

So there you have it folks. The three places I’d go if I could close my eyes and wish myself away right this very instant. Check out the rest of my travel fantasies here, or follow all my boards on Pinterest.

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