Three Things: To Wear

Back again with three more things! Today it’s all about style. I feel like (among other things) my style is going through a fundamental change right now. On the one hand I’m still into all my staples: high drama, bright colors, big bows. But I’m starting to edge towards more classic, timeless looks as well. Am I getting older? Looks like it. Can I stop it? Guess not. But I think that I can find a happy marriage between those two looks. One of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received came from one of my favorite acting teachers. She told me I reminded her of old school Diane Keaton. She said, “Diane knew what she wanted to look like way before the rest of us had a clue. Kylie knows exactly what her style is.” Well if not, Pinterest is certainly helping me figure that out.


1) Flannel + Leather!

2) There are parrots and chili peppers on her dress, people. PARROTS. AND CHILIS.

 3) There’s something some classic and Parisian about this look. And it looks so comfortable! Like wearing your robe out to a party. Not that I haven’t done that…

So I’ll be back tomorrow friends, with three more things! Enjoy yourselves, and check out the rest of my Pinterest style here.

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