Three Things: To Own

So I’m trying to get back to writing every day. But sometimes this is difficult. Last winter I was living the housewife life. I had nothing to do all day but write posts, and read books, and make sure dinner was on the table when The Boy came home from class. This was nice, this was pleasant. I was hibernating. But now, with all the other things to see and do in my life, writing feels overwhelming. So this week, just to dip my feet in the water, I’m doing a series called “Three Things”. Each day, I’ll post three Pinterest finds all relating to a certain theme. I’m going back to basics, to remind myself of what this blog is all about: sharing daily inspirations with you kind folks.

So today I’ve got three objects I would like to own, from useful to useless. Because I’m me, they’re mostly useless… in the most useful sort of way. Please enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow with three more!


 1) Paris in a Box block set. As a child (and adult) I loved my blocks. Look at these beauties in all their Parisian glory! And I never say nonsense like this but: wouldn’t these make a lovely and original baby shower gift?

2) Persian kitty birthday candle. And I do have a birthday coming up!

3) Brass toy pill bugs (or rolly polies, as I used to call them). What for? Who cares, I love them!

So those are my three things for today, friends. Stop by tomorrow for three more pins! And check out more inspiration on my Pinterest boards!

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