Happy Weekend!

Well, it’s that weekend time again, folks. I’m trying really hard to get back in the swing of writing regularly. It’s been slow. But I’m enjoying it. I’m taking my time with things, I am appreciating progress, I am finding my way. All of that sounds disturbingly like those creepy self-affirmation mantras, but nevertheless… Things are getting good. But the getting is slow. In other news, I’ve had a total falling out with Dawson’s Creek. I had myself convinced for a little while that it was at least a passable substitute, but I snapped the other day and let’s just say I’m thankful my computer survived in tact. This weekend I’ll be working, and putting off looming writing deadlines, and taking lots and lots of cold showers. Here are just a few things from around the web so enjoy yourselves, friends…

A very interesting (and not especially political) profile on a man we all think we know.

Pretty DIY house-shaped paper lanterns!

Braid crown tutorial.

Um. Diane von Furstenberg’s apartment.

Mindy Kaling = goddess.

Holy mother of wow this is a Zelda Fitzgerald cake!!!

Grilled peach and zucchini salad. Drooool.

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