Style Crush: Joey Potter

Well, The Boy is gone. Labor Day came and went. Summer is officially over. Except that it is a balmy 105 degrees in my apartment. Back in July, I chuckled at my friends on the east cost. I thought to myself, “You fools! Trapped over there with your 100+ degree weather and 99% humidity!” Back then, it was 70 degrees and sunny every day in LA. Turns out, southern California was just a month behind. If Lucifer showed up in my apartment right now, he might complain about the heat.

So a year ago I still lived back east, and around this time I began my usual “nononononononoonono summer is not ending!” denial. But these days I’m really starting to comprehend that I have moved to the Land of Eternal Sunshine. And you know what guys? I really wish it would cool down. Just a little. Is that so much to ask? Anyway, with the weather so hot, I find myself yearning for clean, effortless styles. I’m putting away my cinched waists in favor of cut offs and breezy button-downs. I kind of want to look like…

Joey Potter. After years of resistance, I finally broke down and gave Dawson’s Creek a try. It got to the point where I could recite every episode of Gilmore Girls line for line, and so it seemed like time to branch out and try something new. Wow, that took some courage to admit on the internet.

So I’m almost done with the entire series, and I still hate Dawson. He is insipid, wooden, and his hair makes him look like a 40-year-old SNL star parodying a teen melodrama where all the actors are 10 years older than the characters they’re meant to portray.

 But Joey? That’s a character I can get behind. She’s cute, she’s smart, she wears overalls, and she’s almost as good at rolling her eyes as I am. She’s got that tomboy style I’ve been craving.
So it’s no Gilmore Girls, but Dawson’s Creek gets the job done. Plus all 6 seasons are on Netflix. All I can say is, if Joey and Dawson end up together, so many things will be thrown at my computer.
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