Happy Friday, Friends!

Wow, it’s time for the weekend again! Tonight I’ll be flying up to one of my absolute favorite cities to shoot a short film with some dear friends. I’m really excited to be back in San Francisco, to see some folks I adore, and to get back to acting for the first time since graduation (eep!!). The project looks like a ton of fun, and hopefully I’ll have something neat to share with you guys somewhere down the line. Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and until next week…

Really moving, rock on Eagle Scouts.

Oh my gosh I need the enthusiasm one! And for only 5$!!

Delightful space-themed DIY.

Three sweet tats courtesy of Pinterest: 1, 2, 3

Love these animations by Benjamin Lacombeand that video!

Oh please, oh please, oh please, someone build me one!

Bacon Habanero Infused Vodka. For your Bacon Bloody Mary, obviously.

I recently interviewed (successfully!) for an SAT tutor job. I had a really embarrassing panic attack during the math section.

A little long, but a must watch if, like me, you’re really into terrifying/wonderful surreal puppetry. AND WHO ISN’T???

Thank you, again, John Scalzi for calling it like it is. And for providing the only acceptable definition of the word “hipster”, which in my opinion has been grossly overused to the point where no one even knows what it means anymore.

Perfect pasta for your summer bounty.

Drunk Bill Murray is hilarious and talks about MOONRISE KINGDOM.

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