A Monument to Human Imagination: Jay Walker’s Library

Ok, so go ahead and file this one under “things everyone but Kylie already knew about.” How have I never seen pictures of internet mogul Jay Walker’s library??

Um, yeah. So the library spreads across three suspended levels, all connected by labyrinthine pathways, fenced in by glass panels. Mr. Walker designed the different levels with artist M.C. Escher in mind; he wanted to create the illusion that the whole library was floating in space, much like Escher’s stairs. Woooooow.

Walker built the library as a kind of testament to the wonders of human imagination. It is home to many bizarre and lovely artifacts, included but not limited to, an original Sputnik, a raptor skeleton, and the chandelier fromĀ Die Another Day (re-outfitted wit hundreds of LEDs).

The books themselves are pretty darn neat as well, including: a Kelmscott Chaucer, an original Nuremberg Chronicle (the first illustrated history book), tomes bound in diamonds and rubies, several antique illustrated medical and anatomy guides, a hand-painted 1660 atlas featuring some of the first maps where the Earth is not depicted as the center of the solar system, and a 17th century London Bills of Mortality where you can track the number of plague deaths by week. Sweet!

Pretty wonderful stuff, huh? One day I’ll get my library folks, one day.

Photos linked to their sources, courtesy of here and here.

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