Happy Weekend, Kids!

Oops, little late with this one but… happy weekend! Clearly I had hot plans for last night, what with all the yoga I did and movies I watched. Yee-haw, now that’s a hot  Friday night! Not going to party like that for awhile. But seriously, that’s my idea of a good time these days. This weekend I’ll be cleaning the apartment and maybe even going to the library! Geesh, I’ve turned into quite the spindly spinster without The Boy around. But hey, no guilt: I love cleaning my room, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Enjoy your weekend people, and go do something crazy!

Clever wine bottle knows me too well.

DIY floral sunglasses.

Some things I could do to remember in the woods.

This is a BBQ Pulled Pork Cupcake. Way more delicious than you might think, unless you’re me… and then it’s exactly as delicious as you might think.

So this sounds like it could be a story from my wedding. Except for the whole costume change thing, so tacky.

Ok, it’s official: I need this outside my house. Beware. Be very ware.

Dear lord. It’s a table, it’s a swing. Dinner parties will never be the same again.

This guy made a private pub in his backyard, for all his family and friends to enjoy. Now that’s the kind of bar I would patronize.

An invaluable lesson.


The lovely little story of a book and its bookmark.

Have a great weekend friends, top image found here.

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