California: I’ll Be Knockin’ On the Golden Door

Well what do you know, I finally got around to posting photos of The Boy’s trip to California! It was his first time in Los Angeles, so of course the firs thing we had to do was go to the beach. Actually, the first thing was tacos. But then the beach! Living in LA, there are many beach options, but I always choose to drive about an hour out of the city to Leo Carrillo. Not only is it a stunning beach (much cleaner than some of the closer ones) with caves (!), but the drive up there is pretty spectacular as well. You have to wind in and out of beautiful Malibu Canyon, and it’s actually pretty terrifying because it’s very narrow, and everyone drives so fast, and it’s a pretty long fall from the road to the bottom of the canyon. But that’s all the fun!

That’s my car! Isn’t she a cutie?

Can you guys spot the giant starfish lurking in the shadows? I didn’t notice him until The Boy pointed it out; he always sees the things I miss.

Totally worth the drive. Plus we drove by an old man who was selling Bonsai trees by the side of the road. We pulled over and The Boy bought me a little Bonsai. He’s only two years old, which is very young for a Bonsai tree, and just the most perfect little thing for my kitchen window. I’m trying really, really hard not to kill it. One of my succulents isn’t looking so hot, and aren’t those things supposed to be indestructible??

While The Boy was here I wanted to show him the place where I grew up. So we drove out to the suburbs to see my childhood home. That was kind of a trip, I hadn’t been back there in years. And everything was… freakishly exactly the same.

This is the park behind my old house. I used to do a lot of wandering around in here with my dog when I was little. There’s a much cleaner, faux-grass, plastic play jungle portion of the park, but I always preferred this wilder part tucked away in the back. I remember as a kid there was always something kind of spooky about it. Now that I’m older I realize that that something is rattle snakes, and I have no idea why I spent so much time climbing around in there. Of course, neither The Boy nor I thought to take a picture of the old house for some reason, but here’s me standing at my old bus stop, some 15 years later.

It was so nice having The Boy around, because I finally got around to exploring all these neat parts of LA that I’d been meaning to check out. Griffith Park is kind of the California equivalent of Central Park, only (in my opinion), much cooler. First we stopped at Griffith Observatory. The Boy and I got such bad crowd anxiety we had to leave after 10 minutes and go on a hike. This happens to us a lot. True love is shared neuroses.

Sigh. I get a little homesick just looking at these. This amazing city was even more wonderful with him around, and (to be perfectly honest) it just hasn’t been the same since he left. We spent our last weekend in Joshua Tree, but that was so magical I think it deserves its own post.

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