Whaddaya Know, It’s Friday!

Well, I won’t lie, I’ve had kind of a miserable week. A combination of too much work, too much rent, too much traffic, and too little sleep. But it’s ok! It’s the weekend! I’ll be visiting with my grandparents and siblings in Newport Beach, so hopefully that means good free food + good free booze + a boat ride. And then next week is a short one! Have fun and relax people, and until next week…

I LOVE what this Brooklyn artist has done with her walls.

I love all these tiny clay figurine houses! Ohhh, especially these ornaments and necklaces. Can you imagine a Christmas tree decorated with nothing but those teeny little buildings and white twinkle lights? Sigh.

DIY fire starters! Now that’s some DIY I can get behind.

How to make bread on a campfire. One of the smartest things ever. EVER.

Such a neat idea!

S’MEACHES. God, that’s fun to say.

The loveliest little treehouse in NYC.

Fabulous beer packaging.

Wonderful Alaska travelogue. I’ve got the travel bug bad!

The Boy and I have talked about owning one of our many homes in Malibu one day, and I certainly wouldn’t say no to this Mediterranean-inspired villa.

Holy bananas, an egg cracked under water! Strangely mesmerizing.

Spiral cut your weiner for maximum caramelization: here’s how.

And a sweet giveaway by some very dear friends of mine. I’ve seen those krispie treats, and they shall be mine.

Top image found here.

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