Someday We’ll Be Together

Hey kids! It’s been awhile, but I’m feeling pretty settled out here, and after many long, intimate conversations with the fine people at AT&T my internet is finally working well enough to post! California is amazing. I’m never, ever, ever, not ever leaving. I just can’t wrap my head around why anyone would ever want to live anywhere else. The sun is aways shining, you all know how I feel about the ocean, and I’m never more than a block from an amazing taco truck. I’m a taco monster. I’ve eaten them for my last three meals. The Boy is getting really sick of it, because tacos are all I can talk about these days. Well he doesn’t really understand, because he’s never been to southern California, so he really has no idea what a taco tastes like. Gosh, I’m starting to crave another one…

Anyway, since I’ve been gone so long I’ve put together a BIG post for you guys today. I’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about the (eventual) wedding, whether or not I’m planning yet and what my ideas are. So here’s the skinny: The Boy is due to graduate in May of next year. Obviously this is priority number one in both of our lives, and we’ve decided that planning a wedding is too much to deal with while he’s still in school. So the tentative date is June 21, 2014, which happens to be the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and our 5 year anniversary.

But just because I’m not putting down deposits yet doesn’t mean I’m not planning and working out ideas. I’ve got wedding fever bad, bad, bad; almost as bad as my taco fever. But as much as I want to be married like right now, right this second (an especially strong feeling now that we’re 3000 miles apart), the one nice thing about this loooooong engagement is I have plenty of time to play with different ideas about the aesthetic and mood of the event. So, without further ado, I’ve put together some wedding inspiration pieces, so that you guys can kind of get a feel for what it’s in the works.

So the first thing is the venue, which is super important to me. Neither The Boy nor I could ever imagine getting married inside, it makes my shoulders tense up just thinking about it. We want something really natural, rustic, peaceful, secluded, and probably in California since that’s where we’re living and, again, it’s the most amazing place on Earth. I really like the idea of everyone having to walk a little bit, take a little journey together to get to the spot. I see all these amazing weddings in the middle of a redwood forests or hidden little groves, so I’ve been looking at a lot of venues on campgrounds, private farms, and state parks. I also really love this wedding, which took place on a fruit farm! I really want the whole thing to have the vibe of like a Bacchanal or solstice party tucked away in the woods, with no one around but the two of us, our families, and friends. The Boy says he wants a venue that’s “big enough for people to get lost,” and we’d hand out maps to all the guests. I think a hand-drawn wedding map would be pretty cool, don’t you?

As far as attire, both The Boy and I are really torn. On the one hand, we want to be super comfortable and free to run around and play. After all, it’s a party! Who wants to be corseted into something at a woodland fiesta? I’ve been playing with the idea of wearing something that’s definitely bride-like, but short, breezy and comfy, such as this dress (which is the dress I was wearing when I realized I was in love with him) or something like it. On the other hand, my guy is crazy about his tux, and it’s my wedding, which means it’s pretty much the last time in my adult life that I get to dress up like a freakin’ princess. And guys, I look great as a princess. Last Christmas Maggie and I went to try on some Monique Lhuillier dresses. Now I went in there thinking I was doing it just for fun, knowing I could never afford one of those babies but hey, I’ve got the ring and it’s pretty much the only time in my life that that will be acceptable. And then I tried this guy on. And I think Maggie and I nearly cried, I just looked so darn purdy. So while I’m not really planning on selling my car to buy a wedding dress, the poofy princess thing was suddenly totally appealing. Right now the balance we’ve struck is to put him in a vest or suspenders, something snazzy and dressy but on the borderline of casual, definitely summer-weight, and definitely with a Forage bowtie. For me, maybe the princess dress with sneaks underneath, like the bride top center? Either way, I’m completely sold on fresh flowers in my hair no matter how impractical that might be. I want the overall look to be really soft and romantic, basically I want to fulfill all my childhood fantasies of being a fairy princess. As far as flowers, I want a GIANT bouquet of pretty much everything. I’ve always been a more is more kind of girl, and I’m really digging the bouquet in the picture second from the left in the second row from the bottom. Definitely want sunflowers, and wildflowers, and poppies and zinnias and daisies and well, pretty much everything. But seriously, I want it to be HUGE. Because bouquets are awesome. And if you think I’m tossing it you’re crazy, IT’S MINE.

And on to the festivities! For the table decor I want something fun, beautiful and bright without being fussy or matchy. I have no interest in “wedding colors.” I really like mismatched flatware, and flowers in recycled jars/cans/bottles, and tons of string lights, lanterns and candles. I love all the whimsical ideas for tablemarkers and escort cards out there, like the plastic animal toys and whatnot. The center image in the bottom row is technically from someone’s ceremony, but I’m really into the idea of no assigned seating. The Boy and I are 100% committed to having a really small, intimate wedding with no extraneous relatives, friends-of-friends, or obligation invites. We want all of our guests to want to be there. I think an unintended side effect of that is everyone will either know each other or know of each other, so then what’s the point of telling people where to sit??

Ahhh, food. How I love you. I want all the wedding food to be really unfussy, and basically just taste like the most delicious homemade grub you’ve ever had. I really love Southern flavors, and I definitely want to take advantage of the fact that it’s going to be outside and summertime, so that means lots of grilling, fried chicken, corn on the cob, tomato salads, BEER, and brightly colored drinks in mason jars. I’m really digging the idea of roasting a whole animal on a spit. And, since I’m a true Californian now, maybe a taco truck. In addition to all the other food. Who doesn’t love a taco truck??

Believe me I’ve thought of making all the food myself, which I totally realize is completely insane, don’t worry, but I do think I could handle doing some of it myself, like dessert. Fondant makes me want to puke, so I have no interest in some giant white cake that looks pretty but tastes terrible. I’d much rather have a lot of smaller, yellow cakes with regular white frosting, plus some other goodies. My mom makes literally the best cupcakes on the planet, and The Boy’s mom is a rockstar with the pies (oh my god that s’more pie up above?? must have), and I really like the idea of guests contributing things to the wedding, it makes everything feel that much more intimate and special. Again I don’t really want a bunch of people at my wedding who aren’t there to celebrate the marriage, so the idea of a catering company hanging around serving us food is kind of blah to me. If we’re going to be grilling, I’d kind of rather outsource that to one of the guests.

I think the most important thing about this wedding, as far as both The Boy and I are concerned, is that all of our guests have a total blast. We want this to be just like the craziest, funnest party anyone has ever attended. You know I see all these beautiful weddings on blogs and whatnot, and sometimes I can’t help but feel like “OMG. How on earth could I ever live without letterpressed invitations and a Lhuillier/De la Renta/Packham/Saab dress???” But honestly, when I really think about this wedding and what I want it to be like, the biggest priority is that I’m surrounded by people who love both of us, who are almost as excited that we’re getting married as we are, who are committed to CELEBRATING. So if that means I have to make my own invitations with crayons (I’m seriously considering this), or forgo catered food, so that I can have a FERRIS WHEEL, then I’m totally ok with that. Guys: I LOVE FERRIS WHEELS. They freak The Boy out, but I don’t care whether they’re safe or not, ferris wheels are one of the most fun things ever. Lawn games seem to be super trendy in the wedding world these days, and that’s an idea I can get behind. I think the giant Jenga board is absolutely genius. Also: S’MORES. s’mores’mores’mores. I’m a s’more fiend. It’s dessert! It’s interactive! It’s awesome!

The Boy and I both love paper lanterns. He proposed to me at the music festival we attend every summer, it was four in the morning and we were sitting on the beach. We sat there for a long time after that, and as the sun was rising we saw a guy standing a ways down the shore, sending off paper lanterns over the water. The Boy ran off to talk to him, and came back with a paper lantern of our own. Last summer a paper lantern festival in Poland  broke the world record by setting loose 8,000 lanterns (the festival happens to have been on our anniversary, coincidence???). Who thinks we could break that record with the less than 50 guests in attendance at our wedding? Me.

So that’s it folks, that’s where I’m at with the wedding planning thus far, and I think it’s looking really good. The long distance thing has already been pretty brutal, but we’re making it work and dreaming of the day when this whole marriage thing starts feeling a little more immediate. In the mean time, you can check out more of my wedding inspiration over on Pinterest.

I hope to be back to regular posting now, but I make no promises. I swear I’ll be showing you some photos of my seriously gorgeous apartment soooon, but I don’t want to give it away until I have my beautiful mustard yellow headboard, and I definitely need a paycheck before I can afford that. Sigh. Soon, soon, I promise, I hope.

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    • Thanks lovie! We’re trying so hard to keep it under 50, so I now have it IN WRITING that you are helping with the invitations. It’s a binding a contract.

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