Happy Birthday Dad!

Check out my dad looking like a total boss with his yellow car + chow on a leash. Nice shades, dude. Everyone thinks their dad is a rock star, but in my case it’s pretty much the truth. He’s the person I go to when I read the word “perspicacious” and want to know what it means, or if I’m curious what a hurdy gury might be. He once made me a diagram of cells during mitosis out of Crest toothpaste and Dr. Scholl’s foot pads. My Dad is the loudest member of my cheering section, and he always gives the best advice. Here are three pieces of wisdom my father has imparted to me over the years:

1) “Most people spend a lot of time trying to convince everyone else that they’re cool. I know I’m not cool. So I can spend my time working on what I want and just doing a good job.”

2) “I’ve learned just as much about my craft from the time I’ve spent doing other things as I have from sitting at an editing machine.”

3) “You and your mother are more similar than either one of you would like to admit.” (This one blew my mind, I think it’s advice all girls should take to heart)

To tell the truth, those are three of the most important things anyone has ever said to me. So thanks, Daddy, I love you and happy birthday!

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