Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend, everybody! How lovely is that photo? I’m longing for warm weather, so it’s making me kind of swoony to think of lying in the grass, picking flowers, and sipping something cool with a large book in hand to shield my eyes from the sun… sigh. At least it’s February, which means it’s almost March, which means it’s almost spring! Got Super Bowl plans? I’m not much for football, but there are few things I love more than buffalo wings, and the Super Bowl is the best time of year for that kind of fare. Lots of sports bars do wings specials for the Super Bowl, so come Sunday you can find lots of cheap + tasty chicken wings around. You can be sure that’s where I’ll be! In recovery yet again-it seems like the whole world has caught some bug or another these days. I’m dealing with my second cold this month! Aside from eating as many wings as I can possibly fit in my stomach, this weekend I’ll be holing up with lots o’ tea and Twin Peaks. I’m just getting around to watching it for the first time and I’m so hooked. So bizarre and creepy, but it has this kind of screwball spirit to it that really appeals to me. Anyway, enjoy your weekend… and some wings!

Thanks to Maggie for sharing this awesome story with me, it’s got this great feeling of a real life fable. And such a beautiful house!

Mouth-watering toast ideas, especially the roasted grapes. Perfect party snacks!

This ad is about a thousand times sweeter than I even imagined it could be

The Rodarte sisters watch Buffy. And we have a lot of the same favorite episodes.

Spinning by moonlight is dreamy.

Love these mixed print nails.

Kale chips with a twist, definitely making these tonight!

Victorian taxidermy + chipper narration in a British accent: yes, please.

Not typically my style, but all of these spaces are so impeccably done.

I’ve loved a lot of chandeliers in my time, but these are easily the most beautiful.

More dollhouse love.

Another fantastic NYT feature, Butch Anthony’s compound is super mega awesome.

Have a fantastic weekend, people! Top image found here.

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