Happy 50th(ish), Phantom Tollbooth!


So apparently 2011 marked the 50th birthday of one of my all time favorite books, The Phantom Tollbooth. Since it’s only barely 2012, I figured there’s still a little time to celebrate the milestone here. The Phantom Tollbooth was one of the last books I remember reading in bed with my mom. I’ve traveled back and forth through the tollbooth about a million times over the years, but as much as I love Milo, the Humbug, Rhyme & Reason, and Tock, the memory that sticks with me the most is how excited my mom was when we picked it up for the first time. How happy she was to share this world she knew so well with her daughter. She gave me an annotated copy for Christmas, so I think it’s about time The Boy made his first trip to Expectations and beyond.

While I was working on this post I stumbled upon this little piece of awesomeness, also written by Norton Juster. Totally delightful, and bearing a certain resemblance to my own love story:

Image courtesy of Norton Juster, Jules Feiffer & Random House. Video courtesy of MGM, originally seen here.


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