Have A Cozy Weekend!

We finally got our first taste of real snow yesterday! Usually this is not cause for excitement from me, being a summerchild and all, but it was the very best kind of snow: a light dusting to dance around in by moonlight, melted and gone by sunrise. The thin coating on the driveway made a perfect canvas for The Boy, his brother and I to draw a giant robot with the aid of some bottled water and a blowtorch (more on that later if the pictures turned out ok). It looks like more snow is on the way for tonight and tomorrow, so I’m stocking up on winter lager and hot chocolate. Stay warm, friends!

Speaking of soul-warming beverages: this is an older post from Tomboy Style with lots of useful information for the whisk(e)y loving chick.

Dudes, real life gingerbread house. I mean, c’mon.

Whimsical balloon lamp.

Ziegfield technicolor, just so insanely fabulous.

The most perfect lil’ buttons!

Down jackets that actually look awesome.

Love these DIY hammered charm business cards, I think there’s a good idea for custom invitations in here somewhere.

Anna Pavlova’s Dying Swan is just so…

These would make such fun party favors or props!

Hair inspiration: The braided crown/turban.

Love this Marc Johns drawing. And this one. And this one.

Top image originally found here, enjoy your weekend!


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