Have a Ghoully Friday!

Happy Friday the 13th! The very first of the new year. I just love the image above, from a Friday the 13th party hosted by Chicago’s Anti-Superstition Society in 1940. You can see a bunch of other photos of the festivities here, mostly featuring society members breaking mirrors, spilling salt, petting black cats and the like. It looks like so much fun! Here in Providence the wind is howling like a hellhound, and I’m all curled up inside under a blanket with my black kitty. I’ve just about recovered from the sniffles I caught earlier this week, but now my tech guy (The Boy) is sick, so I probably won’t have my Word Press issues sorted out until next week when we’re all feeling better. Stay warm, stay lucky, and have an auspicious weekend my friends!

Video games to play with pigs? Yes, please.

So many cute cards, I especially love the “Our New Home” and “Love Locket” (perfect for Valentine’s Day, right around the corner!)

Darling little camel cape, I waaant.

Glitter cake. Need I say more?

The new Wes Anderson movie looks perfect beyond words.

Gorgeous infographic self-portraits.

Anyone who’s ever owned a giant dog can relate to this, which (in my opinion) is perhaps the funniest youtube video I’ve ever seen.

Former Grateful Dead member doing something awesome, as usual.

These adorable invitations would be so perfect for an autumnal tailgate party, or really any occasion involving whiskey, mulled wine, or hot cider (or all three!)

Oh, Edward Gorey. My love for you springs eternal.

Love the concept behind this all star collaboration between Garance Doré, Scott Schuman, and Tiffany & Co.

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