DIY with nosurefooting & The Purplest House: Festive Crackers!

I know I promised this post for last Friday but honestly, it’s the holidays. Who wants to be uploading pictures and writing posts when you could be sipping cider, eating cookies, or going for a nippy night time stroll to look at all the sparkly lights? Not me, is the answer to that question. But I’m still really excited to share this post with you because I finally got to do a joint craft project with one of my oldest friends and favorite fellow bloggers, Maggie of nosurefooting!

For our joint craft project, we decided to do something seasonal and settled on these awesome holiday crackers from Design*Sponge. To put it perfectly indelicately, I’m what you might call craft retarded, so it was super important to have Maggie there to provide moral support. I’m really not joking when I tell you that I cannot cut in a straight line. But when I got anxious, Maggie told me something that I think is a really valuable idea to keep in mind with DIY: There are no mistakes in crafts. The reason why you are doing this is to create something homemade, and if you don’t want it to look homemade then you might as well save yourself a bunch of time and buy it from a store. So for all my fellow craftophobes out there, fear not!

The work behind these babies is fairly easy, if a bit tedious. Design* Sponge already has a tutorial, so I’ll keep my instructions pretty light. First we printed the template for the crackers off D*S onto construction paper. Next you have to cut out the templates, taking an exacto knife to the small diamonds along the top and bottom, as you can see in the picture below.

The most obnoxious part about this project is perforating the dotted lines. You do this so that the cracker template will fold up easily, and so that it will break apart when pulled. I found that the best tools were an extra sharp compass needle or the point of an exacto knife. It takes for-freaking-ever, so it’s really important to take breaks for other, more exciting activities. Like baking and decorating cookies.

We used Smitten Kitchen’s snickerdoodle recipe and an easy roll-and-cut sugar cookie from Food and Wine. Decorating cookies instantly made me feel like I was six again. In fact, Maggie and I were obviously having so much fun that pretty soon her whole family had joined in.

Her mom’s decorative efforts produced one of my absolute favorite cookies: the foxy gingerlady. Or, as she put it, the middle-aged Floridian woman.

Bonus: Cookies are not only fun to make, they provide sustenance so that you can continue crafting. Once you’ve cut, and perforated, and folded your cracker template, you have to make a little treat to go inside. We folded candy into pretty tissue paper along with some hole-punched confetti and sequins (really pretty, but totally annoying to everyone who opened one of these).

Stuff the little treat inside the hollow center, tie up the ends, and it’s cracker time!

How cute is that? And it’s not too late to make them! Holiday season extends beyond Christmas day, people. Make these for Hanukkah, for New Years, or even for no reason at all. There’s always a reason to be festive, no matter the time of year.

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