Furthur, Fog, and the Forest by Night: A San Francisco New Year

Some time in October, The Boy and I did something really impulsive. We bought tickets to a New Year’s Eve concert in San Francisco with no idea where we would stay or how we would afford airfare. We just knew that the annual Furthur NYE Show was on both of our bucket lists, and if we died without getting a chance to see it then we’d be eternally unsatisfied. And then one day in early December, just as we were getting ready to sell our concert tickets, I experienced one of those rare moments of perfect synchronicity where everything just falls into place.

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So I’m in a bit of a funk today. My throat is sore and its hard to swallow, I don’t feel like going to yoga, I forgot my lunch at home, and I’m missing The Boy and my cat something terrible. I need cheering up, and the person that’s usually in charge of that is miles away.

But I can’t help but get happy watching these videos of the concert I went to on Saturday. WOW. It was a crazy show. Lotus is the kind of band that taps into the strange, lesser traveled corners of your brain. I don’t think I’ve ever danced so hard in my life, at one point I actually thought to myself, If I stop moving I will actually keel over. I know the sound is crappy in some of these, but you get the idea. Totally a band worth seeing.

When The Boy and I go to a concert together, he inevitably turns to me at some point and says, “They really can play!” Which always cracks me up. An amazing night to say the least, I hope to repeat it again soon. Hm. I’m feeling a little better just thinking about it…