The Purplest House Gift Guide! The Best Friend: Part One

Hi folks! Well, turkey day is over and it’s officially Christmas time. I know this because I went grocery shopping today and they were playing carols. Which means the poor employees at the Providence Stop and Shop will be listening to Rudolph for exactly 29 days. Yikes.

I’ve never done a gift guide before, because (frankly) it seemed like a lot of work. But this year I’ve been spotting perfect presents everywhere I turn. First up, let’s talk about great gifts for the best friend. Every girl should have a best friend, and I’m lucky enough to have three (not including The Boy). I’ll tackle each of them eventually, but this guide is for your beautiful, doe-eyed, slightly weird best friend who lives in Maine. You knew you’d be friends the moment you met, and you love her because she is acutely aware of the wonder of the universe, and she always wants to share it with you.

1) Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: So she can always find her way.

2) Starry Sky Nightlight: So she can watch the night sky, even when it’s too cold in Maine to go outside.

3) Lady Fingers Gloves: Because she’s the only person in the whole world with hands as tiny as yours… so you can borrow these adorable puffball gloves!

4) Cat Eye Mask: Because she’s your sassy kitten.

5) A Beautiful Print: Because everyone needs a lovely home.

Check out all of these plus more gift ideas on my Pinterest!

Gettin’ To Be That Time of Year…

You know how you start hearing Christmas carols in Starbucks pretty much the day after Halloween? Well they’ve got nothing on my mom. I got my annual Christmas reminder email from her a couple days ago. Now this may seem crazy to some people, but my ma is an awesome gift shopper, and she’s very particular about purchasing all of her gifts in a timely manner.

So for the last few days I’ve been thinking about what to get my three siblings. In the past, I’ve not been terribly excited about Christmas, and my gifts have been pretty lame. Clothes for my sisters, books for my brother. Well, books are awesome. But still. I can do better. I am the blogger in this family, after all! Surely I can come up with some cool and offbeat gifts to delight my family? And so begins my long and twisting journey down the Etsy rabbithole. And I must say, there is some weird crap out there. But also some shockingly wonderful knick-knacks that I’d like to share. And if anyone wants to buy me those pin-up cup plates, I wouldn’t say no…

1) Edible gear lollipops! How beautiful are those? I also love these skeleton keys. Surely useless, but ever-so pretty.

2) I so love this terrarium-sized yard flamingo, for those of us without the luxury of a yard. These guys also make some seriously sweet mini factories and other pleasing trinkets.

3) Well ain’t that just the cutest little hippo clock you’ve ever laid eyes on? It was hard to pick, because I loved the hedgehog and the elephant as well.

4) I have no idea why, but these are easily my favorite. What is it about a half-woman-half-teacup that appeals to me so? Not a clue. But I want the whole set, and the matching beer mugs.

Oh boy, I just want them all. I can’t wait to have my weird little home. And hey, just in case any of my aforementioned siblings are reading, don’t sweat it, I’m not buying you a set of pin cup plates for Christmas. I’m keeping those babies all to myself.

OH, and BY THE WAY, during my search I found more giant crocheted vegetable pillows. I can’t tell if this is a new thing or just the same artist. I think I need both the radish and the leek, thanks.



This is a giant crochet radish throw pillow. Clearly, it belongs in my home. I’ve got a birthday coming up, people, so if you need any gift ideas… There’s also an apple, a lemon, and a red onion, all available at the awesome online store, The Future Perfect. I wouldn’t say no to these butt magnets either!

PS: Based on the elongated shape, I would guess this is supposed to be a bedroom radish. Which is funny. Because it’s a pillow. Get it?

UPDATE: Ohmygodohmygodohmygod look at these. Just imagine how’d they look inside your china cabinet.

Dreamscapes: Sylvain Corentin

Today I’m loving the bizarre and dreamy structures of Sylvain Correntin. For some reason, they remind me of one of my favorite books.

When I was a child, I often had difficulty falling asleep. Most nights, I’d shake my mom out of a dead sleep to complain about my insomnia. My mom always gave the same advice in the barely coherent mumble of a parent that desperately wants their child to go the f*ck to sleep: go back to bed, and tell yourself a story. And I’d dutifully return to my own room, where I’d conjure up elaborate tales of alternative universes where people lived inside flowers, or some such. Corentin’s sculptures remind me of those stories in a really comforting way.

Check out more of Mr. Corentin’s artwork here. You can also watch this interesting “behind the scenes” video. All images linked to sources.

It Has Arrived.

This is my Crayola 150-count Telescoping Crayon Tower with Sharpener. It just arrived from Amazon today, and I’m pretty much the happiest girl on Earth.

Last week I went to Target to buy necessities for my new house such as towels, toothpaste, storage bins and, of course, crayons. I’ve been really into coloring lately. I picked up this 120-count box, and went home. A day later, I went to use my new crayons and discovered that I’d been had. I had assumed this was your standard big box of crayons, you know, the kind that has every known Crayola color in it. Wrong. I opened the box and therein lay 2 smaller, 60-count boxes. Of all the same colors. Why would anyone want such a thing?? Naturally I had to return the crayons to Target, and thus began my search for the real deal. Which led me to the beauty pictured above. And as soon as I saw it, I had to buy it. I mean, it’s a CRAYON TOWER. Plus, this is the largest set of crayons Crayola makes. And I’m about to pose a truly philosophical question to you guys: What in the heck did I do before I had glitter crayons in my life??

PS: I apologize for the crappy photo, I had to use my computer’s camera because *someone* forgot to pack my camera charger and USB coughcoughahemyouknowwhoyouarecoughcough

The RISD Nature Lab: Cabinet of Curiosities and Wonder

I’m so excited to do this post because it features my absolute favorite spot in Providence, the RISD Nature Lab.The Nature Lab is an awesome combination of lending library and natural history museum, it features thousands specimens from taxidermied animals, plant life, bugs, bones, and even a few live specimens. A RISD faculty member founded the lab in 1937 to serve as a resource for students to pull art inspiration from the natural world.  The Boy and I took a trip over there the other day, and here are some samples of our combined photographic efforts.

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Beautiful Machines

Ever heard of Arthur Ganson? I discovered him on a trip to the MIT Museum some time last year. Mr. Ganson creates the most lovely, delicate pieces of machinery with no real purpose except to delight. Check out the rest of his work here, I’ve included two of my favorites above and below.