Woke up extra crabby today, and all I wanted to do was roll over under the covers and watch my stories. But instead I drove in an hour of traffic to overly perky Santa Monica and answered phones in my best Barbie voice all day. It’s okay though, because Henri makes everything better.

“Immortalized on the wall. Forgotten on the floor.” Too poignant.

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Colosse – A Wood Tale, Full-Length from Hornet Inc. on Vimeo.

Robot meets bird. Robot tries to smash bird. Bird saves Robot’s life. How lovely is COLOSSE, the tale of a tiny bird and a giant robot marionette? It’s kind of a re-telling of the Lion & the Mouse, only with a wooden roboto puppet. And really, what story couldn’t use more wooden robot puppets?? A question for the universe.

Video courtesy of Hornet, Inc. First seen here.


Today a co-worker told me about something super cool: Secret Cinema. Secret Cinema is a semi-regular London-based event that seems kiiiiind of similar to NYC’s AMAZING Sleep No More.

Actually, side note, if you haven’t been to Sleep No More and you live within 200 miles of Manhattan please stop reading this post RIGHT NOW and go buy tickets. Best 75$ you’ll ever spend, I mean that. I’ve been twice.

ANYWAY, so here’s the deal with Secret Cinema (as far as I can glean, it is, after all, a secret). So you buy your ticket and shortly thereafter you’re contacted by a mysterious organization with further instructions. These instructions might be costume guidelines for the event such as “dress in 40s garb.” For their most recent event, the instructions requested that participants choose from a list of nine “specialized professions” from Data Scientist to Matter Analyst. Hmmmm…. intriguing, to say the least. Here’s an excerpt from a Telegraph article about Secret Cinema’s current project:

Even before the main event, audience members were asked to sign up to a fictitious company called Brave New Ventures and take part in missions across London.

If you were in the City last week you might have seen hundreds of people sprinting through the streets wearing BNV t-shirts. Others have taken part in late night archaeological digs and psychological training exercises.

In a genetics laboratory at an undisclosed site, BNV data scientists, containment officers and matter analysts were invited to attend quarantine briefings, learn about bio-hacking and find out how to contain biohazards.

It doesn’t give too much away to say we are meant to be in space, embarking on a huge ship for a dangerous mission. The hundreds of actors involved never break character throughout the experience. Vehicles used in the actual film sit in the hangars. The flight deck has been rebuilt. Scenes from the film are acted out all around.

As the audience moves through the set there are clues about the film before a red alert signals ‘evacuation’ into the screening rooms.

Apparently there was even a hidden restaurant, disguised behind a nondescript, unmarked metal door in the warehouse space. The door led to a brightly lit gastropub featuring the work of Michelin star chefs! Ummmm… what??? How fast can I book a flight to London?

Oh, and the video up top is from their Blade Runner event. Coooooooool.

Video courtesy of Secret Cinema. Quote courtesy of The Telegraph.

First Love: Moonrise Kingdom

I just saw Moonrise Kingdom last week and believe me, it doesn’t disappoint. I love the way that Wes Anderson’s style gets more and more “Wes Anderson” with every film he makes. I’ve always been a devoted fan, but I think this is my favorite yet. The styling is impeccable, Suzy Bishop is my hero and I want to read every single one of her books, and Bruce Willis gives one of the most sincere, heartfelt performances of his career.

But I think my favorite part of the movie is its depiction of young love, which is so spot on. I was sitting next to The Boy in the theater and I was watching these kids dance around in their undies on the beach and I thought: that was us. It captured so perfectly that golden moment of youth when you realize the world is screwed up, your parents are screwed up, everything’s a lie, but you’ve got your partner in crime. That first person who actually listens to the things you have to say, and sometimes makes you want to cry and run inside the tent, and runs back into hostile territory to get your binoculars for you. And when you’re together it’s like you’ve figured out the secret key to the universe that no one else knows about, and you get to giggle and laugh together at all the other fools running around in the dark, because they just don’t get it. And you think maybe, just maybe, if you can get away, if you can run away, if you can go off into the woods, or make your own Moonrise Kingdom at Mile 3.25 Tidal Inlet, maybe you can live like that forever. And of course it never works out that way. But sometimes it’s even better.

Oh, and the music is super rad. Plus Bob Balaban is hilarious.

All photos courtesy of Focus Features/Indian Paintbrush/American Empirical (I think I covered all my bases there?), all found here.

The Master’s Voice

Something short and delicious for you on a Thursday afternoon. THE MASTER’S VOICE is a wonderfully strange short by filmmaker Guilherme Marcondes, it’s intended as a teaser for a longer project also set on the futuristic Island of M. Looks fantastic ectoplasmic, and I can’t wait!

PS: I highly recommend checking out more of Marcondes’ other work at his website, some pretty rad stuff.

THE MASTER’S VOICE courtesy of Guilherme Marcondes, first seen here.

Eagleman Stag

Everything posted on COLOSSAL is always, always awesome, but this is especially great. The video above is EAGLEMAN STAG, a BAFTA award-winning stop-motion short about age, the bittersweet passage of time, and entomology. You can check out more cool “making of” videos on their vimeo page.

Also, I know it’s eight minutes long and that’s kind of a lot in this OMG world but seriously people, watch it. Watch it while you drink your morning coffee, or while you get ready for bed, but just watch it.

Courtesy of Mikey Please, via COLOSSAL.