The Whale Warehouse

The Whale Warehouse from KPCC on Vimeo.
THIS IS SPECTACULAR. It has so many of my favorite things:

1) Specimens in jars.

2) Card catalogs.

3) Whales, my favorite animals.

And hey, if you also love my very favorite kind of whale, the orca, and you want to simultaneously completely ruin your day and be fascinated by the intelligence and complex social structures of a marine mammal, then you should watch the horrifying and totally fantastic documentary Blackfish. Warning: I had crazy nightmares for days after watching this movie.

THE WHALE WAREHOUSE was produced by AudioVision, a publicly funded project associated with radio KPCC.

The World of Lisa Frank

“The World of Lisa Frank” – A Short Film from Scott Ross on Vimeo.

This is a really important documentary about Lisa Frank: beloved designer of rainbow-maned unicorns and puppies wearing necklaces, and icon of my childhood. Three things:

1) I want her office.

2) Why is Lisa Frank the JD Salinger of this generation?

3) Did you spot Mila Kunis?

Video by Scott Ross and Karl Beyer, produced by Urban Outfitters

The Wheel House

Acrojou, ‘The Wheel House’ from Acrojou on Vimeo.
Wow, and I thought my house was small! Love this sweet little performance piece, entitled The Wheel House, by Acrojou Circus Theatre. I adore the vaguely steampunk aesthetic, which puts me in the mind of the Dust Bowl and Mad Max all at once. This is my favorite kind of theatre–or any type of art, for that matter–where you can kind of fill in your own story. I especially love when the lady cleans the cut on her guy’s forehead: such tenderness in that tiny space! I could do well to remember that right now. The Boy is building a computer that is roughly the size of our entire living room. I can’t walk two steps without tripping over a monitor or a GPU (whatever the hell that is), and I casually suggested the other day that maybe he and the computer should get their own apartment, and just come me visit on weekends.

Speaking of the tiny cottage: I built a box garden complete with four baby tomato plants! I woke up early to take pictures the next day, only to find that construction workers had set up camp on my patio. Pictures forthcoming, once they depart!

And in other news, my wedding band arrived in the mail the other day. It is beautiful with wee little bows all around the edge. 58 days! Gulp.

Video courtesy of Acrojou Circus Theatre. Definitely check out some of their other work, v. cool.

Screw Sandy

Last night, it seemed like the internet had exploded over Hurricane Sandy. Everyone on the east coast was freaking out, getting drunk, and making a lot of Grease jokes. Kind of made me miss the crazy weather that is sometimes a part of life on that side of the world. But it also got me thinking about a rather controversial opinion that I’ve held for some time. Over the years, people have ridiculed and ostracized me for this opinion, but I have stuck by it no matter what. Ready? I’m going to lay it on you.

Grease 2 is so much better than the original Grease.

I know, I know. You think I’m crazy. But, I mean, come on…

Now do you see what I’m talking about?? Now let’s do a quick plot comparison. In the original Grease: Annoying Australian twit comes to town, falls in love with an equally annoying jerk, but they can’t be together because she is a goody-two-shoes twit and he is a jerkfaced goon. That’s pretty much all that happens for most of the movie, except for some dancing around in underwear, some terrifyingly short shorts on John Travolta, and they remodel a car. And then at the very end, the annoying twit puts on some super slutty clothes and everything is suddenly OK. What the F?

Ok, now Grease 2. Super hot, smart British guy moves to town and falls in love with super hot, cool chick who just broke up with her obnoxious (and really short) boyfriend because he’s too possessive and she’s all like “I want to be independent”. But she won’t date the hot British guy because he’s socially awkward so he learns how to ride a motorcycle, because that is the cure for social ineptitude. So now he is a super hot, smart British guy who rides a motorcycle. Um, Danny Zuko who? So then lots of awesome things happen like bowling, high school students torturing a substitute teacher about reproduction, and the most amazing talent show that has ever happened anywhere. I mean, Girl for all Seasons, people?? Come on. Oh yeah, and this:

Case closed.

All images and video property of Paramount.


This just a fun lil’ something that I worked on a couple months ago in San Francisco. So much love for all the boys who worked on this with me, definitely one of the most enjoyable shooting experiences I’ve had in a long time!

Video courtesy of The Once and Future Kids.

For the the Logophile: Mysteries of Vernacular

I’ve posted here previously about Jessica Oreck’s fabulous project, “Mysteries of Vernacular.” Back then, there was only one complete video “C is for Clue“. Well, in the meantime she’s gone ahead and done a few more. And guess what, guys? They’re all excellent.

Mysteries of Vernacular: Assassin from Myriapod Productions on Vimeo.

Mysteries of Vernacular: Hearse from Myriapod Productions on Vimeo.

Mysteries of Vernacular: Pants from Myriapod Productions on Vimeo.

All videos courtesy of Myriapod Productions.

Style Crush: Joey Potter

Well, The Boy is gone. Labor Day came and went. Summer is officially over. Except that it is a balmy 105 degrees in my apartment. Back in July, I chuckled at my friends on the east cost. I thought to myself, “You fools! Trapped over there with your 100+ degree weather and 99% humidity!” Back then, it was 70 degrees and sunny every day in LA. Turns out, southern California was just a month behind. If Lucifer showed up in my apartment right now, he might complain about the heat.

So a year ago I still lived back east, and around this time I began my usual “nononononononoonono summer is not ending!” denial. But these days I’m really starting to comprehend that I have moved to the Land of Eternal Sunshine. And you know what guys? I really wish it would cool down. Just a little. Is that so much to ask? Anyway, with the weather so hot, I find myself yearning for clean, effortless styles. I’m putting away my cinched waists in favor of cut offs and breezy button-downs. I kind of want to look like…

Joey Potter. After years of resistance, I finally broke down and gave Dawson’s Creek a try. It got to the point where I could recite every episode of Gilmore Girls line for line, and so it seemed like time to branch out and try something new. Wow, that took some courage to admit on the internet.

So I’m almost done with the entire series, and I still hate Dawson. He is insipid, wooden, and his hair makes him look like a 40-year-old SNL star parodying a teen melodrama where all the actors are 10 years older than the characters they’re meant to portray.

 But Joey? That’s a character I can get behind. She’s cute, she’s smart, she wears overalls, and she’s almost as good at rolling her eyes as I am. She’s got that tomboy style I’ve been craving.
So it’s no Gilmore Girls, but Dawson’s Creek gets the job done. Plus all 6 seasons are on Netflix. All I can say is, if Joey and Dawson end up together, so many things will be thrown at my computer.
Images found here, here and here.


Yes, that is the only headline I can come up with because THIS IS JUST SO FREAKING EXCITING. Bryan Fuller, the visionary behind such excellent and under-appreciated shows as Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, is re-making The Munsters under the new name Mockingbird Lane. And it gets so. much. better. Portia de Rossi is playing Lily Munster. And Eddie Izzard is playing Grandpa. Yeah. Apparently the picture above is the only one in existence which is so brutally unfair.

Fuller promises the new show will be darker than the original. Um, yes please. The show promises to have all the hallmarks of Fuller’s trademark aesthetic, and they’ve even enlisted Guillermo Navarro, cinematographer ofPan’s Labyrinth fame, to work as DP on the show. Here’s a neat little interview where Fuller talks a little more aboutMockingbird Lane:

Apparently a 4 minute sizzle reel was shown at Comic Con this year, but alas I cannot find it on the internet. Smoochies for anyone who can help a girl out?

Dear mother of GAWD I have not been this excited in a long time. Series order expected from NBC some time in August.

In other news I’ve been back in LA exactly two days and I’ve already lost my car keys, gotten sick, and been hired at a new job.Yeesh.

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