Marc Franklin’s Psychedelic Portraits

Check out this rad interview with Marc Franklin, photographer and former art director of the psychedelic magazine, High Frontiers. Marc chats about his early days at the magazine as well as his current exhibit at the SPF:a Gallery in Culver City, CA. The exhibit features Mr. Franklin’s gorgeous portraits of various luminaries and pioneers in psychedelic culture, including but not limited to: Timothy Leary (featured above), William S. Burroughs, Albert Hoffman, Wavy Gravy, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Allen Ginsberg. The few photos that I’ve been able to find online look absolutely stunning, and I implore everyone living in and around Los Angeles to get over there and check it out! But if not, you’ll have to make do with the interview. I love the bits about Barbara, Timothy Leary’s wife, here’s a short excerpt:

I remember when we interviewed Timothy Leary — we finished interviewing him and we were talking afterwards. His wife, Barbara, came out and she said she was going to the gym. And he said, “Can I join you?” And she said something along the lines of… “no.” And we realized Barbara ran the show. Tim was just completely shot down. “No, you can’t join me.” I was shocked. Here’s the great Tim Leary and look at the way he’s…

Later in the interview, Franklin recalls asking Barbara if he could photograph her as well. She replies, “Absolutely not. Your photographs show everything.” You can kind of see her point.

Photo courtesy of Marc Franklin. Learn more about his exhibit at SPF:a here.

The RISD Nature Lab: Cabinet of Curiosities and Wonder

I’m so excited to do this post because it features my absolute favorite spot in Providence, the RISD Nature Lab.The Nature Lab is an awesome combination of lending library and natural history museum, it features thousands specimens from taxidermied animals, plant life, bugs, bones, and even a few live specimens. A RISD faculty member founded the lab in 1937 to serve as a resource for students to pull art inspiration from the natural world.  The Boy and I took a trip over there the other day, and here are some samples of our combined photographic efforts.

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Weekend Adventures: Metaphorical Tricycles, Futhur, and Duck Fat in Portland, Maine

I know. I know. I said last week that I’d be back to regular posting, and then that turned out to be a blatant lie. You see, The Boy and I took a trip up to Maine where we had no internet and so much fun that I couldn’t worry about the blog. But I took photos! Well, a few.

The purpose of the trip was twofold. First and foremost, we were visiting my best friend, Lorenza, the perpetual third wheel in my relationship with The Boy. Lorenza has such an effortless eye for knick knacks, curiosities, and small wonderments. Here are a few shots that The Boy took of her new apartment.

That was our guest bed! Please pardon the giant mess of my clothing. Lorenza made us a little headboard out of a spare piece of wood she had lying around, she’s such a crafty lady. She told me she likes that chair because it’s “so Morticia Addams.” And really, who couldn’t use more gothic glamour in their life? And these are some of the photos that I took. I wish I could explain what’s going on in this first photo, but I’ve been forbidden from doing so for various reasons. Nevertheless, it looks so eery and beautiful that I couldn’t resist sharing.

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Welcome Home!

These last few days I’ve been settling into my new home in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s an incredibly pleasant place to live, full of sunshine, wine, good company and tasty food.

When you’re in love it’s just so satisfying to see all your clothes hanging side by side in the closet, or maybe that’s just me…

And these are some snapshots from my aimless wanderings around Providence, thus far…

So far this move has been exactly what I’d hoped. I’m still technically jobless and planless, but I’m mostly relishing that for the time being. For example, as I write this post I’m drinking a cup of tea and a glass of wine. Ahhh, decadence…



The Boy: Foraging Photographer

Check out these photos The Boy took!

The Boy foraged for all of his subjects in the backyard and a nearby nature preserve. The reason for all the exotic looking specimens? The Boy went shroom-hunting in the week after Hurricane Irene. Heavy rains usually cause a boom in mushrooms, which thrive in wet weather. So pretty, right?

You can see the rest of the collection, and more of The Boy’s work, here.

Meet Matilda!

Bored during the power outage, The Boy and I pulled out his jumbo photography lights and staged a little shoot with our kitty, Miss Matilda. She’s always such a ham with the camera comes out.

What a pretty girl, no? Matilda is just a little over a year old. The Boy’s old cat had a tiny litter of two kittens last summer, and he somehow conned me into keeping one. Actually, what really happened is we discussed keeping one of the kittens and then decided that would be really irresponsible since we’re both broke and without a stable living situation. And then I left for work. And when I came home there was a kitten in my bathroom. There have been a few bumps in the road, but ultimately I’m glad he tricked me because Matilda has turned out to be the sweetest, prettiest most affectionate cat I’ve ever met.

Check out these pictures of another cat named Matilda (I swear I didn’t copy!).

All photos courtesy of Xander Keeping.

Oh… oh, my…

Wired has done an amazing photo series of American National Parks as viewed from space. Stunning, no? Featured above is my personal favorite, Death Valley in California/Nevada. Check out the whole collection here.

On a related note, did you know you can buy passes for the National Parks? 80$ a year for unlimited access to all parks! With entrance fees at around 10-20$ per person/car, that’s not a bad deal. The Boy and I have often talked of getting one and doing the grand tour across the states. AND, even better, if you’re over 62 years old you can get an unlimited LIFETIME pass for 10$. TEN DOLLARS. To visit any National Park you want, whenever you want for the rest of your life? Sold.