It’s Friday Time!

Hey freaks, it’s freakin’ Friday! I’ve been such a busy little bee lately; lots of new projects in the pipe that I’m really excited about. I kind of feel like I’m starting to get an idea for what I want to be doing with my life (eep!), which is exciting. Trying to sort it all out, but it means most of my weekend is going to be spent writing a twenty page booklet on comets, meteors, and asteroids. Don’t ask! Anyhoo, have a lovely weekend, and maybe I can FINALLY share some pictures of The Boy’s visit to California, if he ever decides to share them with me *coughcoughahem*. And until next week…

Loaded baked potato grilled cheese. UUMMMMM… WHAT?

So many fantastic pieces by Alexander Jansson. I love this. And this. And this… I want to live in one of his worlds.

A perfect place to hide with a book and a bottle of wine.

A cover of Cruella de Ville, which is great.

Courtesy of my brother. I want this one. And this one. And this one.

Beautiful FW 12/13 collection by Alexander Terekhov.

I love David Attenborough, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’ve recently rewatched the entire PLANET EARTH series (BBC version), and nwo I’m making my way through LIFE (super excellent). Listen to him talk about narwhals.

A package-free grocery store. Basically a brick-and-mortar farmer’s market, but still very very cool.

The art of balloon animals!

Oh, to be a hummingbird.

I’m coming out of the closet: I love hotdogs.

What a beautiful beach retreat!

Who knew a human camera was so easy to make??


Have a fun weekend kiddos, see ya later!

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Funfun Friday!!

Oh Friday, so nice to see you. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster week, as far as my emotions go, and I’m still feeling pretty bummed out that The Boy is gone. He was only here for a few weeks, but it really felt like he had moved in to stay. So this weekend I’m having a total girlfest to cheer myself up: I have pink wine, pink nail polish, and every episode ever aired of Gilmore girls, and I think that’s a perfect way to spend these next two days. Oh! And don’t forget to call your dad! Dad’s are the absolute best. Next weekend I’ll get around to posting some pictures of the awesome stuff we did while The Boy was in town, but until then…

In honor of Father’s day, another rad dad.

Excellent rules for storytelling, from a Pixar creative.

Must. have. sleeping bag.

Darling claymation about mad science and creation.

This is genius.

Really lovely post about saying goodbye to a house. I’ve been feeling a little blue about a house I said goodbye to recently. It wasn’t my own, but it was home.

GUYS. Robert Downey Jr. rockin’ Dhanurasana. Swoon.

What a beautiful love letter to Coney Island. I’m a great lover of the place with all it’s vintage camp and glamor, captured so perfectly in this video.

Stickable t-shirt pockets! What a wonderful useless object!

Seems a little labor intensive (especially for craftards like me), but the final effect of this DIY lamp is lovely. Reminds me of Rainbow Fish!

Clever campaign by Vincent Bousserez for LV.

Elements of Style rap. So nerdy. So awesome.

THE DEEP: an impeccable quasi-steampunk stop-motion short about life in the deep sea.

That’s all for this week folks! Top photo found here.


HAPPY WEEKEEND!!!!! (I’m super excited about it)

Hey folks, happy long weekend! I’m practically bouncing around in my seat because The Boy is coming tomorrow. I have lots of things to do before he gets here, like clean my car and paint my toenails (because obviously he won’t be happy to see me if I don’t have coral-colored toes after a month and a half apart). He’ll be here for almost 3 weeks, and he’s never been to LA before so I have to do the hard sell to get him excited about moving here next year. We’ll be visiting old friends, checking out my childhood home, visiting the bird sanctuary in Griffith Park, camping in Joshua Tree for a weekend, tidepooling at my favorite beach, and eating at this restaurant. WOW, look at that menu! I’m really, really excited about trying brains for the first time. I say that without even a little sarcasm. Anyway, I’ll be posting pictures along the way, but until then…

Amazing little house in the Australian wilderness.

Apparently the ideas behind these clocks were implanted in the artist’s brain when he was captured by aliens. All I want to know is: where can I get one?

We all know about “sehnsucht,” but here are another 25 incredible words that can’t be translated into English.

Apparently April was grilled cheese month and I missed it, but to make up for it here are 28  mouthwatering remixes on the classic.

The beautiful students of St. Louis College, circa 1940s. That girl with the two flower poms in her hair knows the way to my heart.

Cool “kamikarze” lamp. Like melted toys, I waaantt…

Shut your mouth this looks like the funnest thing ever. Except I would probably get scared, overactive imagination and all, but still… This would make an awesome birthday present.

Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me, an extra cool burger to come home to after a long day at work.

Ummmm, Philip K. Dick Festival in San Fran this September? So there.


That’s all I got this week, enjoy your sunshine weekend! Top photo found here.

Hey, it’s Friday!! Haven’t Done One Of These In Awhile…

Hey friends! Guess what, I have a job! It’s pretty rad, and I’m especially stoked to be able to pay my rent next month! That’s why I’ve been MIA all week, but now that my training is done I think I’ll be able to get back to daily posting. I’m living a pretty charmed life out here on the gold coast and I can’t wait to tell you all more about it. The Boy is coming to visit in 9 days (who’s counting?), and I hope to to put him to work building my mustard yellow diamond tufted headboard, so I can finally show you guys my absolutely STUNNING apartment. Here are some fun tidbits to tide you over until next week…

Some wild, jaw-dropping playgrounds and classrooms (plus a very interesting article). Check out some more crazy views of this guy.


Really digging the illustrations of Yoko Furusho. I especially love this, which I can’t seem to find on her website. And this.

Lovely photo series “OFF THE GRID” chronicles the lives of those lucky and brave enough to head out into the wild unknown.

Really fascinating article about what it was really like for gay men in advertising during the 60s, which only affirms my (scandalous) belief that MAD MEN is not as honest a portrait as it would like to think.

I wish I could have about 5 weddings so I could incorporate all the cool ideas that don’t really fit with my aesthetic, like these amazing invitations.

So obviously this is something I need in my life.

This is such a genius idea!! And there’s one not that far from my house!! As an avid lender/recommender of books, I’m actually more excited to leave books behind than to take.

Punch and Judy turns THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY!! Wow. With some gorgeous photos

How to be the hero at any party.

Top photo found here. Enjoy your weekend!!


Friday Again!

Merry Friday, everyone! Got exciting weekend plans? I don’t! I’m actually really happy about that. It’s been kind of a whirlwind of activity these past few weeks so I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with The Boy.The weather is shaping up to be pretty nasty in Providence over the next few days, which means its the perfect time for cuddling on the couch and watching episode after episode of Chopped. Sometimes it’s nice to just relaaaax… Besides, I need to seriously mentally prepare myself for the Game of Thrones premiere.

Who doesn’t love a disorientingly intricate infographic? More importantly, who doesn’t love beer? I could stare at this for hours.

Almost as cool as my playhouse. I think the design of the actual playspace is a little lacking, even if the entryway is amazo-rad.

Super cute DIY camera straps sound really easy to make. So easy I’m actually tempted to try this one at home, despite my lifelong phobia of sewing. My current strap is really cramping my style.

Chic adventure-wear for a fall hike.

This is a genius book idea, I can’t believe this is the first I’m hearing about it.

This event sounds SPECTACULAR. Pretty bummed that I’ll be gone west, but anyone in or around New York should attend. I mean, with discussion panels featuring topics like Sleep No More and fetal skeleton tableaux art, how can you go wrong? No really, HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?

Obviously I needs this book. I can really relate to the bottom two images. Kidding…

This poster cracks me up.

Hilarious list of banned words from the New York City Department of Education reads like word jazz.

Fabulous, extremely engaging feature on Peter Dinklage.

Where was this photo when I did my 100th post??

Exceptionally well done short documentary about mechanical watch-making.

UPDATE: Freaking adorable handcrafted wedding that I couldn’t wait until Monday to post.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and remember: WINTER IS COMING…

Top image found here.

Happy Weekend, Darlings!

Another weekend, here at last! I’m drawing ever nearer to the day of my departure, practically clicking my heels with anticipation. Thanks, Rhode Island, it’s been a blast, but I’m ready to blow this popsicle stand. We’re due for more sun this weekend, and I’m filling my time from now until LA – Day by taking new headshots, interviewing Dead Heads (seriously, tell your friends!), and making time for all the friends I’ll be leaving behind. Enjoy your weekend everybody, but first…

Head over heels for the entire Emerson Fry Spring Collection. Especially these. And this. And these. Seriously, can they do no wrong?

Me-OW, this armoire.

Sounds super tasty, I mean, HELLOOOOOO BROWN BUTTER! Also I love these girls.

Doodling fun, courtesy of my Mom.

Whoaaaa, population density.

Debbie Harry steals my heart.

Wolf Tide.

Holy cow, that’s what I’m wearing to my next rave.

Neal Gaiman on seduction.

Top photo found here.

Friday + News

Hey, guess what? I’m moving to California! It’s pretty surreal to actually type that, it’s a dream I’ve been trying to make real for some months now and today I finally signed a lease. The next few weeks are going to be a crazy whirlwind of packing, tearful goodbyes, not-so-tearful goodbyes, and buying my first real, grown up CAR. I’ll do a full post on everything next week, but until then…

This is the sweetest, most adorable, most stomach-acheing thing ever. Also, he’s one of the creators of Freaks and Geeks. Also, I wish ROOKIE was around when I was in high school.

A heartwarming little note, “the Ring of Fire still burns around you and I, keeping our love hotter than a pepper sprout.”

Obsessed with the Madewell lookbook, that yellow striped tee with the green flats? So cute.

If you don’t say “AWWWWWWWW” when you read this, you have no soul.

I don’t know about yum, but they sure are pretty.

So excited to tackle this lasagna tomorrow.

Ghostly, gorgeous X-Rays of flower.

(Very expensive) heaven.

Shakespeare, Tarantino style. Oh, the hilarity.

Delightful free fonts.

See you next week!

Top image originally seen here.

Friday Love!

Happy weekend, lovelies! I’ve been a bit remiss with the posting this week, but then I’ve been a busy girl. I’ve been writing letters, hunting for apartments (!), visiting this excellent exhibit at the Bruce Museum, and so on and so forth. I’ll be heading back to Rhode Island this weekend to be reunited with The Boy, and hopefully absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I’ve got some great stuff to share next week, particularly a really thrilling new project I’ve embarked on, but until then…

I’ve always thought finger dancing sexy, and this is just so, so well done. Bravo, Chanel.

I’ve never had rose hips before, but with a beautiful name like that how could they not be delicious? This looks yummm.

Darling (and gorgeous) children’s book by Saul Bass, must get myself a copy.

I’ve never been a huge fan of lasagna, but this recipe sounds like a revelation (and a revolution, I mean, no ricotta? sign me up.)

Such a clever and fun icebreaker, not to mention a great first impression.

Periodic table table. So. freaking. cool.

Geisha getting dressed.

Gorgeous retro editorial.

Delightful animation from South American duo Vjsuave.

Breathtaking hand-carved doors.

Who says German stockbrokers are no fun?

I bet this smells soooo delicious.

In awe of every piece of furniture by Gustave Serrurier-Bovy.

Top photo originally seen here, bottom photo here.


The weekend has come again, and is it my imagination or is the weather getting slowly, almost imperceptibly warmer every day? Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I just can’t help but feel like we’re due for an early spring this year. I’ll be heading home to Connecticut tomorrow to spend next week babysitting my three awesome pups. It’ll be the first time I’ve been away from The Boy in awhile, but I’m trying to think of it as an excuse to send lots of love letters and care packages. I hope everyone has a delightful weekend!

Love this photo series about the life of an Iowa teen in 1947.

Badass wedding, such a cool venue & that steam punk cake is so cool.

Obsessed with the creepy, spindly figures of the artist J. Shea.

Rodarte Fall 2012. Nothing more to add.

Sweet little note from Roald Dahl to a young fan.

Fabulous DIY wooden dollhouse.

One of the best places I ate in San Francisco is moving to NYC!

What girl doesn’t want a horsie belt?

Best. Shelving. Ever.

Happy happy weekend, go have some fun! Top photo originally seen here.

Marvelous Friday!

Happy weekend once again, everybody! I’ll be buried in the last two Game of Thrones books, I really hope to finish the series within the week! It’s been one of those experiences where I absolutely cannot put my book down until its finished, which has made productivity in other areas of my life pretty difficult. The Boy has a short break from school, so in the week to come we’ll be doing a lot tromping around in the frigid woods, visiting friends near and far, and even popping down to Connecticut for a spell to see my folks. Have an excellent weekend everybody, and as Special Agent Cooper says on Twin Peaks, “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present.”

Absolutely obsessed with this saddle swing.

Kids explain marriage + dating, giggles ensue.

Beautifully styled cabinets of curiosity.

The LIFE archive is home to so many treasures: Picasso Light Painting, Rockstars with their Parents, A Bizarre 1940s Cult, and of course this.

How could you not be inspired if this was your writing office? So lovely.


Sarah & The Seed is poignant and whimsical.

Come land on me, flutterbyes.

Have fun, see you next week! Image courtesy of Shel Silverstein, originally seen here.