Moon Dreams

Obsessed with these prints by Cheryl Humphreys, from a series entitled “Many Moons”. They’re dreamy, and mystical, and–as my dear friend Lorenza would say–so romantic. I’m almost glad they’re sold out, because I definitely don’t have 1,000$ to drop on the whole series.

Humphrey’s other work is lovely as well, you can purchase some here, and check out her Tumblr for more. I’m particularly fond of this.

On another note, I just found out that Gabriel Garcia Marquez died.¬†Both One Hundred Years of Solitude and The General in his Labyrinth are among my favorite books of all time. I consider Marquez one of the greatest writing instructors I’ve ever had. Thank you for everything.

A Whole House Full of Opportunity

PDX Before_34PDX Before_40Well, we made it. We’re here, we’re (mostly) unpacked, and we’re already so in love with this city. Rain, roses, bridges, great coffee, great beer, great food… what could be better? Plus I’ve seen like eight rainbows in the last week. That’s more than one rainbow a day. Not a bad deal. I can feel it in every conversation–The Boy and I are already so much happier and more relaxed here. Even Matilda is loving her new home, she’s been sweeter and cuddlier ever since we got here.

Now that we’re kinda sorta mostly unpacked, we’re deep into project mode. We love our blue baby so much, but she’s going to need a lot of work. First of all, we don’t really have any furniture… our 400 square foot cottage didn’t allow us much room for extra stuff, so now I’ve got two completely empty rooms. Second, the blue dream is old, and could use some big updates in places like the kitchen and the bathroom. Also, some kind of depraved animal clearly lived here before us, so we’ve been scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing all week, trying to get her clean. I mean… they put chewing gum on the backsides of all my beautiful crystal doorknobs. CHEWING GUM. What?? What is that? Who would do such a thing? A depraved animal, that’s who. They also lit a fire in our non-working fireplace, completely scorching the back wall, so they weren’t even an especially bright depraved animal.

PDX Before_36PDX Before_39If there is a book-buying disease I have it bad. This isn’t even half of the collection.

PDX Before_18PDX Before_25PDX Before_27PDX Before_55PDX Before_57PDX Before_58That last room is the most exciting for me. Right now, it’s basically our dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home yet.¬† But one day soon, it’s going to be my very own office with a desk where I can write and a little armchair for me to read in by that big gorgeous window.

So yeah, lot’s of work to be done, but we’re like giddy little children so excited for the challenge. This is the first place where I really have the space and the time to take on projects and make it my own. It’s going to take some effort and a lot of time, but we’re in this for the long haul. So, just so you can see what kind of crazy people we are, here’s our project list in no particular order:

Refinish and paint the kitchen cabinets
Replace the kitchen cabinet hardware
Replace the icky laminate kitchen counter with wood
Repair the enamel in the kitchen sink
Replace the gross faux-marble kitchen contact paper (apparently you can do this with wallpaper–I’m pushing for this one)
Install over-the-sink shelves in the kitchen
Build a dining room table
Buy and button-tuft a new couch
Cover up the fireplace scorch marks with tile
Build floating bookshelves in the living room
Find a coffee table
Replace the bathroom sink
Buy/build new light fixtures for bedroom, living room, dining room, and my office
Buy/build some kind of storage for The Boy’s vinyl collection
Buy and refinish a tanker desk for me
Buy dining room chairs
Plant veggies in the backyard
Seed the weird back bit of the yard with wild flowers
Plant dahlia bulbs around the border of the back deck
Replace the weird cloudy mirror in the bedroom
Hang outdoor lights
Refinish our existing dressers
Finally build me a headboard
Make a temporary backsplash in the kitchen from pressed tin
Replace the toekick in the kitchen
Buy a cozy reading chair for my office

So consider these our “before” pictures, because big changes are coming. You can see all of our ideas for the new pad over here.

All photos by ME.

Just Another Friday

I haven’t done one of these guys in awhile, but today felt like a good day to get back on the horse. The Boy and I are going shopping at a new architectural salvage shop, and then perhaps out for some bites to eat, using this handy local guide. My very dear friend Lorenza is coming to stay with us soon, so I’ve been trying to scout around the city in search of the best places to take her. Married life is pretty grand so far; I know this goony honeymoon stage won’t last forever, but I sure am enjoying it. Without wedding planning taking up all that space in my brain, I’ve had time to get back to writing every day, either here or on my own private projects, and that’s pretty excellent.

My one of my favorite authors on my favorite band, and of course he sums it up perfectly.

Curious ABCs!

Pin up remix.

Story quilts!

Sleeping with another person, AKA: night acrobatics. I relate to that top photo so much.

I actually spat something at my computer looking at these.

Dancers Among Us.

Nifty treehouse elevator.

And another fabulous tree home.

How well do you score? I did pretty well, but The Boy kicked my ass.

JGL makes me question the institution of marriage.

A compilation of teeny houses like mine!

I’m loving the idea of a whole wall of these busts. They have elephants and horses, too!

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